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  1. I use the reef salt with Pro Bio S and -NP Pro in a heavily stocked tank, Nitrate and Phosphate are at zero. I heard good things about the Probiotic salt but I am happy enough with just these products. I have a Nuvo lagoon 50 and do double dose the Pro Bio S and -NP Pro. 4 drops each daily.
  2. I think it is time for one of those 15% or 20% off one item coupons. =o)
  3. Order placed! =o)
  4. Do you know when you will have this? =o)
  5. Had a cadlights tank once, was a great tank, stand sucked. but great tank.
  6. What brand of salt do you plan on using?
  7. Send out another 15% coupon guys! Have some things I want. =o)
  9. Ordered from them once, was also a good experience.