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  1. Clownfish species, variants, and classification!

    yes we have our magneto perculas as well but not sure if you want to list them cause they are from bali black picasso/ doni 'S' female. anyways let me know.. Seems like your doing a good job compared to others that try , they only seem to notice there own fish and not others prices on peace keepers aint no $400.00 . Its in the thousands range
  2. Clownfish species, variants, and classification!

    Produced here at clownfishUSA "SWISS" occellaris no hybrid.. Parents Mocha female occy / Male black snowflake occy !!!This fish was produced by me and sold this one to Kris @ alphacorals .
  3. FS:Zoa lot forsale :)

    ah okay i didnt read that part :/ all zoas are pending thanks
  4. FS:Zoa lot forsale :)

    Like title says i have a very nice zoa collection that i need to sell, Im getting full of rose anemones and i want these guys out asap. Lots of nice zoas here. rastas,spidermans, agaves , red ppes , purple deaths etc. gonna sell the entire rack for $400.00 Let me know . all the zoas are doing great and growing fast for me.. Thanks all Video posted below so you can see what your getting. Paypal only and i do arrive alive guarentee 100% . you can call/text me @ 210-439-066Seven Rudy
  5. Dah Goodz F/S(Ultra Rastas & Clementines)

    Good stuff Claudia Good stuff !!!!!
  6. FS : AI Sol led light $175.00Shipped

    Sold to Holomovement .. Thanks everyone for the inquirys
  7. FS : AI Sol led light $175.00Shipped

    pm's replyed..as far as white or blue question im not sure. I can say its very bright and has a nice whitish blue hue to it. not to blue not to white According to the guy i purchased it from , you can add a controller to it and increase decrease intensity, not sure if thats right info but i was told that..I have no controller for it so i can't tell. all wysiwyg in the pic. light and power supply Thanks guys
  8. Okay guys i have a AI Sol led light fixture FS , Bought it thinking i could use it over my clownfish system and it's way to bright going to stick with my panorama pros for now. I bought it local for $175.00 so im selling it for same price $175.00SHIPPED in the USA ONLY , USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING WITH TRACKING NUMBER. PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE! Plugged light in and works great just way to bright... Thanks all comes with all pictured. PM me if interested!! thanks all....Pics below http://s30.photobucket.com/user/oceancube/media/DSC_2186_zpscbecf998.jpg.html'>
  9. FS:Ecotech MP 40es w

    Glad your enjoying the pump. Thats an amazing pump ill miss it.. Thanks again
  10. FS:Ecotech MP 40es w

    Yes still Available and pm sent toall!!thanks!!!
  11. FS:Ecotech MP 40es w

    Here's the back side with all the info and dates:) http://s30.photobucket.com/user/oceancube/media/DSC_2127_zps05207d54.jpg.html'>
  12. FS:Ecotech MP 40es w

    Yeah Thanks someone will enjoy the pump
  13. FS:Ecotech MP 40es w

    Like title says I have an mp40es wireless pump forsale, Comes complete with dry side /wetside ecosmart controller and all plugs ready to run, Cleaned up ready to ship out.. $280.00 Shipped via usps priority mail with delivery confermation... Pump runs silent and never had any problems with it!!! thanks All Paypal only please and no trades!!!!! pics below!!! http://s30.photobucket.com/user/oceancube/media/DSC_2126_zps1115fdff.jpg.html'> http://s30.photobucket.com/user/oceancube/media/DSC_2125_zps16f12f7e.jpg.html'>
  14. Mp40w es Forsale!

    Hello all, Like title says i have a Wireless Mp40w es in great condition, Breaking down my reef tank and this will be available to ship on Monday Dec. 2 2013 . all in excellent working condition nothing wrong with pump, runs smootly and quietly.. Please no trades and paypal perferred please!! $300.00Shipped USPS PRIORITY MAIL WITH DELIVERY CONFERMATION.. THANKS ALL!! PICS BELOW http://s30.photobucket.com/user/oceancube/media/vmp402_zps1cd88790.jpg.html'> http://s30.photobucket.com/user/oceancube/media/vtmp401_zps142a4741.jpg.html'> You can pm me here , or text/call if you have any questions @ 210-439-0667Rudy .. Thanks all
  15. Anyone interested in a Chalice colony?

    GLWS... Wow the zoas in the background