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  1. i would get rid of that red algea stuff first if i were you, maybe some more crabs from saltwaterfish.com or a seahare, but that toadstool looks really nice, very nice show size peice you got there buddy,, the green color on it looks great, think your tank will look bland with it removed from it's spot!
  2. one of the best looking toadstools ive seen, you seem to have to much xenia, but overall great looking nano dude..... where do you get all those nice looking zoo's from??
  3. hello all, well i have a new mag5 and mag7 pump's for sale, im looking to trade them for different color zoo's and or ricordia mushrooms, i already have orange and green rics so any other color's would be nice, as for zoo's im looking for , blue's,purple's,green's, and nice glowing colors!!!pm me or answer here!!! thanks all im in san antonio,tx.
  4. if it's still available pls pm me asap!! thanks
  5. ok all, i have a red on red colony about 4x4 in size, this has about 75-90 polyps, there really nice red glow under actinics as well, im looking to trade them for some nice blue's, green's, or purple's, im only trading no selling, so let me know i have no pics of them but i know you'll be very happy with these!! let me know what color's you have!!!
  6. hey ill pay $35 shipped to 78245, let me know if you will ,if not i wont bother nomore!!!
  7. ok every1, i have a pair of goldstripe maroons for sale, the female is 3 and a half inches big, while the male is 2 inches big, these two eat very good and are in great health, all they do is hang out in there rose anemone all day, reason for me selling them is im getting a pair of true perculas in about a week , so i need to make room for the new guys,im asking $50 for the pair, as i payed $80 dollars myself, let me know if interested i live in san antonio,tx.!!! thanks
  8. sent ya a pm!!!
  9. san antonio, tx. why???
  10. hello all, well i have a colony rock around 5 inches big around 75-90 polyps on it, these are red and orange, brightly colored and glow under actinic lighting as well, also in the middle there is a big green button polyp as well which eats like a horse, im looking to trade them for a pair of true perculas or blk/wht percs as well, pm me or let me know here, oh i have no pics im very sorry, but i know you'll be happy with these zoo's!!!!! thanks again!