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  1. use Bioplankton.
  2. Hang in there mac they are talking about Mysid
  3. nice but you couldn't have waited one more month for the 1 year update.. You just spolied the whole party.
  4. i like my cpr, and it's about time for me to add a new pump alomst a year now. Hmmm wonder if my 1200 maxi jet will fit on it bwahaha.
  5. my fish won't even do that. lazy sobs. They only reason I know there in there and alive is I had to tear down when I thought they jumped and found them all hiding.
  6. nice lobo i would think about buying it
  7. nice, well thats better then where i'm at. I have 3 yashsa hasha gobies and since i have placed them in the tank I have only seen 1 of the fish once for a two minute period.
  8. Yes mine only come out when feeding when expecting food. (right after lights out) There are many colour varations of Acanthastrea L. If you want to make some quick cash i'd be more then happy to purchase it off you for a fair amount. (with a couple more pics to postively id the coral)
  9. Yes more drama! Create a little airstone activated geatine out of live rock.
  10. they look like a favia to me, blastomusas are more puffy when open, or will reced more until the shell when closed... But they could be Acanthastrea.. In the center do they have tenticals, that surroned the mouth like with better pictures i could tell you.. If you did luck out and get an Acanthastrea, your looking at a value of 50.00$ a polyp, and btw they will grow if you feed them. They eat mysis. Is so, then there is a good chance they are acanthastrea
  11. STAY AWAY FROM THE PRIZM. CPR is decent.
  12. um..what happend to the other 2
  13. your aquascaping HIGH? wtf.
  14. i like lots of sand, i'd rather see a taller or deeper aquascape with a nice little sandy beach area personally , and i Would pull your rock off the glass it becomes a ***** to clean when you have rock touching on the side.
  15. I agree. By him researching and figuring out what is wrong, hopefully we can learn from that and be able to keep this awsome coral once again.. and thats proboly alot easier then convincing some starving family that they can't eat tonight because they aren't aloud to collect some random coral from the wild they have been collecting for the past how many years?