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  1. What spectrum UV LED for SPS

    hmm, what leds are SunBrite UV tubes using? Will they not help at all? I don't think I'd want to go Halide/LED combo, if anything Led/T5 seems to make more sense since halides and leds are point source lighting.
  2. What spectrum UV LED for SPS

    Thanks again for the response, what ratio of UV lights should I add for SPS? I'm currently thinking somewhere along the line of 55% Blue, 35% White, 5% UV, 2.5% Red/pink 2.5% Green, but if I need more UV that's ok to, Should Ibe shooting for at least 5-10% UV or more?
  3. What spectrum UV LED for SPS

    Thanks for the responses, sent an email off to the guy will let you know when I find out. What are the brands to avoid, or if it's easier what are the brands I want outside of cree?
  4. I'm looking to purchase an LED unit, and my options for colours are white lights from 4500K to 20000K Blues from 440-470nm. red620nm-660nm; orange610-615nm; yellow:585-595nm; green500-530nm; UV380-440nm; IR730-850nm I'd like to add UV's for my sps (which I believe is supposed to help from what I've been reading), but don't know what spectrum is preferred? Outside of tht I wanted to mix in a few pinks-reds, with wide optics, and maybe a few greens to try to get a little more pop. The majority of the colour outside I'm thinking will be a 60:40 blue/white mixture. Should I be looking at the 470nm for blues or more along the lines of the 453nms Thanks any help would be appreciated. -B

    still looking? I may been selling mine shortly, thinking of going another route.
  6. T5HO Information

    Wondering if now that they UVL 20" 30w lights are out anybody can attest to how they are working and how they look? I've got a Solana 34g. with a 150w sunpod, but I'm thinking of switching to T5s. Most likely the Nova extreme pro. The key thing for me is being able to grow sps I know with a 24" bulb I'll be able to pick from a wider range of bulbs, but my tank is 20" . So with that said my. 1) How are the UVLs working now that they've been out for a little bit? 2) What are the ballast upgrades needed to get the full 30w? 3) How do they UVLs look? Can you replicate or get close to a ATI/KZ combo? 4) (the most important). Anybody successfully growing sps under a 20" system? or should I just be looking for a 20" t5 hybred.
  7. tunze 9002 and inTank upgraded cup

    pm sent, shoot me your pay pal info I'll take it ^_^
  8. here she is Tank and Stand. 100 bucks or best offer must go this week I'm moving and don't want to deal with it, what you see is what you get includes sand, rock, filter,stand,tank,clam shell lol
  9. Trav's 20 Long

    hahahah PWNED 15 pages ago and still funny.
  10. the splitting tenticales means nothing. I've had that happen with several diffrent spieces of anenome. It just happens from time to time, I'd say a sebea.
  11. 175W Color Temp opinion needed!

    I've had 175w 6.5k Hamiltons, 10k CoralVues and 10k Hamiltons so far I like the 10k the best, although next i'm going to get the 14k's or the 20k's I'm also running a little under 200w of PC actinics.
  12. Awesome deals... www.aquatrader.com

    what you posted is considered feedback.
  13. My Needle Wheel

    ..you should replace your powerheads every year anyways.. hopefully it won't spin off balance explode and kill everybody in a 10 mile radius.. well anyways.. how's it workin for you?
  14. invertebrate in tank-quarantine

    why are you having a amonia spike to start with?, and do a big water change.. say 50% or more
  15. black ocellaris and orange ocellaris

    Is it a Black Occaleris, or a Sebea what they commonly call Black Perculas. Do you have a picture?