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  1. RED SEA MAX 250

    i will have an ac running all summer, and heat in the winter. electric is included in my appartmnt :] i would probaly get a chiller tho
  2. RED SEA MAX 250

    awesome good to know!
  3. RED SEA MAX 250

    im thinking about getting a RSM 250 if i can find a used one at a good price. are they good tanks should i go for it? are there any known problems? hows the lighting and filteration?
  4. please help with a LED light

    any help here?
  5. please help with a LED light

  6. please help with a LED light

    heres what i plan to do (same tank, id like to mount the light the sameway, but i dont want the violet light) http://www.bostonreefers.org/forums/showth...2g-Contest-Tank
  7. please help with a LED light

    so i would need to run it off a battery because its DC voltage?? the tank is more rectanglular. (but i can mess with the layout) driver: Luxdrive Buckpucks a Power souce: 5 Led's: 3 royalblue 2 netural white fan for cooling:
  8. please help with a LED light

    looking to build a LED light for my kitchen table 2 gallon tank. i plan for some coral (zoas, and small frags from other tank) not sure how to do a kit like this. i am fimaliure with LED as i have the kit for my 14 gallon biocube. i just ned to know what LED's to get, what colors (i like a 15-20k look), and what driver. any help would be awesome. thank you mike
  9. The Unofficial WalMart Pico Contest

    my local reef club is also doing this! what are the dimensions of this tank? and is it easy to drill?
  10. DeepBlue AIO!

    nice looking build so far! i've always wanted to build my own AIO
  11. Just a pic of a newly found pest!

    i had some Aiptasia in my tank and i was worried they were going to take over. but gotAiptasia-x and it worked super well! beel like 3+weeks Aiptasia free
  12. Calvin415's ADA 60P

    any updates? this tank and build are amazing!!
  13. schg ADA 30c planted "アダム"

    this tank is amazing!
  14. 42 LED BC29

    i have a biocube HQI, my tank is leaving from the seams also........ not bad but defiantly needs to be eplaced. im upgrading to a 60 gallon cube!
  15. ReefLEDLights BJB on RapidLED Stars?

    soldering isnt that hard, i got a kit fo my biocube 14, watched a few you tube videos, then did it. i didnt have any problems.......