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  1. Looking for some help

    My wife wants some "bigger" fish since the biggest fish we ever had in the nano is our clown. I just don't know compatibility of fish outside of the "nano" species. I want to make sure there are no aggression problems. Curiously there seems to be no fish only forums like there is for nanos or even full size reef tanks, so since this is my normal source for info I came here.
  2. Looking for some help

    Hi I come here for info on my nano reef, that is doing well from everything I learn here. I have just purchased a 125 gallon tank for fish only purposes and I need help with coming up with a safe and responsible stocking list. The tank currently houses a kole tang a Bartlett anathias and a small clown. I would love any help or advice, or a source of good info. Thanks
  3. ! THE EcoTech Radion ClubHouse !

    Count me in I love my radion! I'll add some pics later, let's keep this thread going as I'm looking forward to sharing info with all the other radion owners out there.
  4. Algae Id

    Any idea what this stuff is its taking over my tank! It's the same color as rust I can put more pics if needed Thanks!
  5. About to give up!

    Ok I just got home from work and this algae has spread everywhere VERY rapidly!! I'm very worried right now it's starting to cover everything. It may be hard to see in the pics but it's all over the LR the glass the sandbed and it's even spreading all over the back wall. What do I do?
  6. About to give up!

    My light cycle right now is from 9 am to 11 pm. But must of that time is ramping up or down. The peak intensity (60 percent) is reached for 4 hours 1-5. I just did another water change yesterday. I think I'm going to change it very frequently for Awhile to assure optimal water conditions unless I am advised To do otherwise. I'm not really sure if it's a good idea to start All over just yet although I appreciate the advise and will take it into consideration. If I went that far I think it would be new tank time. I don't deserve a new tank as I have proven less than Adequate at upkeeping this one.
  7. About to give up!

    So I have some more questions. I am now running about 3 inches of carbon in the reactor. I called marine depot today to order some more carbon and they said I could run the carbon and gfo at the same time in the same reactor. Is this correct? Also how often is turkey basting the rock Recommended? Things are so so today with the tank but I'm on a mission to get things looking good.
  8. About to give up!

    Ok so let's talk about this weekend water change thing. What are you suggesting exactly Are you saying I should try to do massive water changes each weekend? I have no problem doing this and can afford to do whatever is needed. What size change should I do? Well I've had it awhile now but I'm almost sure I ordered it from dr forester and smith I had it 2 years now I think I know my tank looks crappy for being 2 years old but my Father was fighting cancer and really I didn't focus on the tank for a long long time.
  9. About to give up!

    Ok so I hit up all the lr with a turkey baster. I didn't directly aim at any of the coral with the baster. Everything in the tank closed up and has been for about 3 hours now. Is this normal?
  10. 10 vs 20gal long

    Wow this is a really nice tank! I agree the 20 L would be the better option, I think if you go with the 10 you will have upgrade fever really quickly.
  11. JBJ 30 Gallon Rimless

    I agree with this, if there is anyone who has info about a rimless 30g aio maybe something custom built please post it up.
  12. About to give up!

    No I have but it's not a very commen thing. How often should I do this? Daily or weekly?
  13. About to give up!

    Ok so the good news!! But the bad news!! Anyone have any idea what this stuff is? Seems to be getting worse.
  14. ADA 90P 48g -> Now 90g Rimless

    Wow this looks really nice. What type of rock is this again I didn't understand what you said about it.
  15. Best quotable quotes on NR

    Ok? I still don't get it.