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  1. Sold
  2. Hello, I had to downsize and now selling my Duo purchased just this past year $275. Great light price includes shipping within the U.S. Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Somebody buy this already. If anything because he's such a swell guy
  5. E! What's up buddy? Hope your Turkey Day was a good one!
  6. Excellente! Glad you got it sorted out! Scortched made a great point about the paste. I'm definitely going to have to give it a whirl. Can't wait to see you get this filled with coralz.
  7. Glad to hear it worked out for you in the end. I'm usually a fan of having them feed them in store. If they eat well, I take em'. If not, I pass. It can be a crap shoot sometimes.
  8. Thanks... He's quite the ham!
  9. Bravo buddy!
  10. Superb buddy! Really have to hand it to you for the execution on this one. What a unique setup. I'm sure this brings much to the space you have it in. This is a special one for sure!
  11. Man, that happened to me on my last setup. I think it ended up being a bad gasket I think or maybe I had it on too tight. I'm sure it will stop once you work on it a bit. Good luck!
  12. That scape is pure awesomeness!
  13. Thanks for chiming in. I would have to agree with you. I've only drilled two and both are chipped to some degree. The last one I did was with a drill press as well. Chipped just the same. These chips were much larger than those in the past. I just finished setting it up and so far no leaks!
  14. Great start! Get her filled up!