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  1. Ugh Moving is stressful but I agree, at least it means setting up a new one 🤣 You staying in DFW or back to FL? Thanks, these WB's are pretty great!
  2. Thanks Maria- It's all good. Been pretty busy with grad school but the tank is still going strong. I just hooked up a Kalkwasser Stirrer to see about getting my PH up but other than that it is full of frags! I'll get some pics up soon just got my hands on some awesome palys . Things good with yours?
  3. It's coming along pretty well. Been pretty knee deep in Grad School trying to get it over with lol. I've added quite a bit of corals and looking to pickup some more tomorrow. I will get some pics up soon.
  4. DCUEVAS74

    Kessil AP700 Shimmer

    Love that setup and light. Have the same over mine. Great unit and color!
  5. I am always happy to see sea stars poking out of my live rock at night or during feedings.
  6. Great pic and love the scape/arrangement! BTW, what kind of toadstool is that? Beautiful!
  7. You really out did yourself on an already awesome tank with the upgrade. Bravo my friend! Bravo!
  8. Good news is they can be little pigs. I have a large female and small male. The small one actually eats just as much as the female and even takes on larger pieces available. Good luck and I look forward to watching your tank mature.
  9. Love clowns, what kind of food are you going to feed?
  10. What great build. One of the best Lagoons I've seen thus far. Your scape and coral selection are perfectly proportioned for this setup! Keep up the great work.
  11. Got a couple of shots during water change: Blastos OG Mummy Eye Rainbow Acans Spit Fires Sunny's
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