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  1. Nanobox or Kessil a160?

    Nanobox for sure. I know the shimmer is nice on the Kessil but the tuning you can do with the Nbox is far more useful IMO. You can get it to the color you want.
  2. The Pastel Garden: Drop-Off

    Looks fabulous!
  3. Problems with Tropic Eden Reef Flakes

    This happened to me on my last build. Loved the texture but I too had differing coloration which was a let down for me.
  4. The Pastel Garden: Drop-Off

    Congrats on the move... looks great! Can't wait to see the stand!
  5. Greg's 60 gallon NonPhotosynthetic Cube FTS 8/16/17

    Wow! Great cube and way to stay with it. Kudos and keep the photos coming
  6. DC'shallow 25: Revisited- we're cycling!

    Danke! Right now I am just using the generic 14K. It is pretty close my old favorite 14k halide color from back in the day. Haven't had time to play with the custom settings. Have a guy at one of my local LFS shops who is going to get me a copy of their custom settings they use. They have always had impressive displays and have consistently grown many difficult species to frag. So I figured why try to reinvent the wheel right?
  7. DC'shallow 25: Revisited- we're cycling!

    The tank is setup and running. I really am happy with the dimensions of the Nuvo Black Lagoon drilled. This is my first setup with the Radion. Can't wait to get some corals underneath of it.
  8. DC'shallow 25: Revisited- we're cycling!

    Tell me about it, I moved a 45 gallon once to the 3rd floor. Not fun, especially in the middle of Summer in Texas. Think this time I will buy a large cooler to make things easier lol. Most of the corals I have accumulated are pretty hardy, so we should be good (fingers crossed). I will try to get them up soon. My stand is 30" tall. I have the lagoon but the Nuvo Black series which is for planted. I drilled it for a sump which is the problem. I have a DJ strip mounted just above it so I lost about 2" there not to mention the bottom is 4" raised off the floor for a toe kick. The last time I had a lagoon my stand was 40" because I wanted to have an ideal height for maintenance and viewing as well. It was a bit too tall and threw off the proportions in my opinion. I will probably go with 35" for my next stand when I move.
  9. DC'shallow 25: Revisited- we're cycling!

    Lol pretty sure my delivery peeps are saying to themselves... again! What is it with this guy? Thanks my friend. I just finished up the tank and setup. Cycling as we speak. I will get some pics up shortly. Kind of ran into two problems. First, we are moving into a new house unexpectedly and will be moving in a month. So I will be moving my corals from my nano into this one then moving them to the new house shortly after. Then, I noticed that I built the stand too short. I purchased an in-sump macroalgae reactor and will not be able to get it out easily due to the height of the sump?!?! No worries, guess I will have to build another stand for the move lol. Probably better since I will build it to match the cabinetry in the room it will be going in.
  10. FlowerMama

    Congrats and well deserved. I admire your perseverance!
  11. The Pastel Garden: Drop-Off

    Happy to hear that they are taking care of you! You are going to love the lagoon. My lagoon is currently cycling and I love the dimensions! Can't wait to see yours after the transfer. GL
  12. Update May 2017

  13. Daves/NanoBox Red Sea 170 : Update Time 10/30

    You da man! Great shots!
  14. Sun's DB30g - 2 year bday updates

    Awesome setup and great Dwarf! Had a golden fuzzy a while back. Love the DB and those dimensions.
  15. NT's 30 gal Rimless

    Welcome! Can't wait to see the rest of it!