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  1. Brand New Ipad Gen4 (NIB)

    Just my .02 cents. but wouldn't selling this item on ebay be easier considering you have an account there with feedback. This is a fish forum after all...
  2. high end frags for sale

    very nice collection! glws
  3. Eheim 1262 Pump for Sale

    sent info
  4. Selling a used Eheim 1262 Pump (900 GPH), was only used for mixing saltwater 120$ shipped.
  5. Joe's 40B Build *small update*

    Thank you! I appreciate the kind words well im glad to have someone following haha So lately I stained the Bull-nose Oak to match the rest of the wood in the room and I have to admit im pretty happy with the result I have also been working on the doors - they will probably just be temporary doors for now, as I have been considering putting some nice stained oak doors in the future Also I recently picked up my return pump and SCWD, next will be the Skimmer hopefully sometime this week and then ordering the glass for my custom sump I will be making by using another standard 40B Will post some pictures tomorrow most likely
  6. SPS AquariumLab Tank 55g

    Beautiful tank! Can only hope my 40B to look this good
  7. Joe's 40B Build *small update*

    Thank you! I hope it lives up to the expectations I have for it
  8. Joe's 40B Build *small update*

    its been a little while since an update, but unfortunately I have been real busy and this build has been going pretty slow. I just don't want to rush into getting the tank running or I will never finish the stand! Since the last update I have dry walled the stand, put on the Bull-nose cap flush around the trim of the tank, and have completely primed the stand. Next will be Paint the stand; and put Baseboard that will be mitered into the existing baseboard in the room. Complete the false wall between the Tank and the existing wall, and finally complete the Oak canopy that will be stained along with the Bull-nose to match the desk sitting beside it. By the way Jai, I am going to put your bulb combo into play and try out that combo first, I think it will be a great T5 combo with a hint of blue, I decided I don't really want the Blue to wash out the white lighting. so thanks for your input! Here are some pics, tell me what you think! Stand being dry walled- Some Nice Ceramic Vida rock I ordered with some Barnacle shape Freebies and Frag plug Freebies Bull-nose Installed - Primed Stand -
  9. CeramEco's Vida Rock rocks!

    Well I received my pieces of Vida Rock today (very quick shipping) and I must say, I am incredibly happy with they way they look. Plus they sent me a complimentary 5" barnacle rock and a bag of 15 "natural" looking frag plugs. I will definitely be ordering more. Here are some pics:
  10. CeramEco's Vida Rock rocks!

    Just ordered 3 Pieces for my 40B build, I will definitely come back to write a review once I receive them. From the pictures, they look awesome!
  11. Wtb Eheim 1262 pump

    replied, still lookin
  12. Wtb Eheim 1262 pump

    Looking for a used Eheim 1262 pump
  13. WTB Few Items

    Still need the Eheim 1262
  14. WTB Few Items

    still looking for an eheim 1262 Pump
  15. Joe's 40B Build *small update*

    awesome thanks for your input! ill definitely look into this. do you know anyone running this combo, possibly with some pics?