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  1. looks cool! it'll look even better in a 20
  2. Had to take these quick, batteries almost dead!
  3. Crude diagram of fuge
  4. old pic of 16gal bow
  5. I went to radio shack today and got a "Project Enclosure 3x2x1." I cut out, on 2 ends , enough space for the wires to go through. I bundled the rest up inside the enclosure. The enclosure had a lip on the base that would help secure my wires in place. I made the cut-outs so I can remove the wires from the enclosure without having to undo them. (Am I making sense?) I'm going to try and post a simple Paint rendering of my project. I am no artist though. After I knew the wires would fit etc I drilled pilot holes in the back of the canopy near the stock canopy cut out. After mounting it with 4 screws it was a little crooked. Nevertheless it is 100x better than having exposed wires. The next step is sealing around the wire exits with silicone to make a 99% waterproof seal (the 1% is missing because I didnt use any sealant to bond the two peices of the enclosure together).
  6. Could you make fuges too? Man, I have this bad itch to spend all my money... I'm assuming that a 1/2gal (or less) fuge would do just right for my 6gal. Thanks!
  7. Yah. MH for the depth. They make PC 14in retrofit kits, I know sells 'em. They've got mh retros too. Careful bout teh heat tho. May wanna go for an open top. It might be a bit tricky to get anitc in there. Hmm... tricky tricky. Maybe PC's along the side? That way you could hang the MH above the PC's so you could fit the reflector well. Post back again when you've decided what to do. I am interested in how things will turn out. Good Luck!
  8. Hallo Floks! I've got myself a brand new CSL 32w Retrofit kit in my eclipse 6 of frustration and doom. My other kit went out because I had it over the water for an extended period of time. I was going to try and put some sort of shield inbetween, but the light was about 1/8in off the plastic strut in the middle that holds up the filter. Now that I have my fancy new toy I would like to protect it. Thankfully the light clips that came with this kit put it much farther into the hood than before. My idea is to scrap the stock filter, put on a HOB, cut the plastic strut out, and put in a peice of plexiglass(or a box-like thinga-ma-whatsit) to protect it. 1) Has anyone done this sort of thing with the stock eclipse hood? Pictures? 2) Will the plexiglass filter out the "good stuff" from my spiffy new light?
  9. I have the 32w CSL retrofit on my nano and have no need for a fan. My tank stays around 78 as well. I really like the almost over-blueing because my polyops and green star polyops look amazing. I do have one side question though. How did you protect where the wires connect? At the moment the bundle is taped to the back top of my tank. I feel very wary about this and would like to have it enclosed asap. A project case from radio shak perhaps? many spanks
  10. I got a retro for my eclipse 6 from . It fits with slight modification. I had to solder off two mounting brackets before the kit would fit. It barley fits too. It also creates a LOT of heat and is very close to the water. Heat + water = evaporation, like crazy. My Retrofit Good luck!
  11. How is it attatched to the rear of the tank? Is there something under it for support? I'm looking to do the same for my eclipse 6.