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  1. FS: 16gal bow package - Nashville Area Pickup

    -----Bump----- $200?!? This is LESS than half what I've paid for all this.
  2. Getting out of the hobby sale! Pickup/meet Nashville area only. I would like to just sell it as a package. Package Includes: Tank/Lights/Equiptment: 16gal bowfront with stand(maple) Coralife Aqualight PC 28w 50/50 with legs AC300 setup for a fuge w/ surface skimmer 50w heater ?gph Powerhead 74gph Mini-Jet Hydrogometer ~3 lbs. salt w/ airtight container 1 bottle Marine Snow Reef Complete Calcium Nutrafin fish food PhytoPlan Phytoplankton Prime dechlorinator 5gal Mixing Bucket ~4ft tube Livestock: ~20 lbs. sand ~20 lbs. live rock 2 Medium sized GSP 1 Mixed polyop rock 3 Astria snails 1 Emerald Crab 1 Sally lightfoot Crab 1 BLH 1 Peppermint Shrimp 1 Oscelaris Clown Big clump o' cheato Condition: No scratches, dents, or anything broken. The "mixed polyop rock" doesn't have a ton of polyops, although the GSP are fine. There is tons of coraline everywhere! I'll give everything a good cleaning before pickup. Price: I paid over $400 for all of this stuff. I consider $275 to be a good deal. Will consider partial trades for invertebrates. I have a crappy digital camera, I can send pics to those who are interested. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.
  3. 2.5 nano lighting for mushrooms

    Found a cheaper 20w 50/50 screw-in blub: https://www82.safesecureweb.com/webaquatics...tegory_Code=BPC They also have nano-sized Coralife fixtures
  4. 2.5 nano lighting for mushrooms

    You would probably want to go with a 13w 50/50 light. What kind of light fixture is it? A good place for a 13w retrofit would probably be hellolights.com . I used one on my old 2.5gal. 50/50 10k antic 13w PC Bulb: http://hellolights.com/13w5010dayac.html A good ballast for your 13w: http://hellolights.com/13watbalkit.html Another option is to get a normal light fixture (i.e. from a shoplight @ Home Depot) and get a screw in 20w 50/50. A quick google gave me: http://shop.store.yahoo.com/wetpetsusa/co1...10wamicofl.html You might be able to find them cheaper out there somewhere. Good luck!
  5. Plans for 2.5 w/ fuge (hidden plumbing)

    Got one tank kind of cycling. Need to order PC bulb some LS & LR(it's got .5in sand& 32w PCB) ). I keep toying with the idea of a 5gal split in half, or maybe 3/4. That way I could have the whole fuge hidden in-tank. No worries about siphon madness. I keep scorpions as well and the 2.5's are perfect for my smaller buddies. A 5gal should be pretty cheap though.
  6. WTB Stand & or Canopy

    mebbe the classified forums would be better for this post. perhaps search the forum to see if anyone has done what you are looking for? if the dimensions of your acrylic 29 are the same as a 29gal from the LFS you might be able to pick one up there. my dad has a freshwater 29, there seems to be room for a 10gal sump underneath it. good luck!
  7. How do you measure the salinity of your reef?

    when i buy them @ the LFS, i get it checked by the refratometer a couple o' times. need to check out smith/foster for that cheap refractometer
  8. National Nano Wreck Week

    In my eclipse 6 days: I had a 32w retro under the hood, at first I had no shield btwn the water and the bulb/connection. One day I noticed the light was out. Go over to the tank, flip the lid over, and saw that the suqare pin connector from the ballast and the end of the light, had fused together. The plastic was still melty when I caught it. The ballast was fried, the bulb was fried, thankfully my tank was safe. I estimate that the short had happened mere minutes before I discovered it. Scary thing is I found out right before I was about to leave for work (double shift), I might have come home to something FAR worse. Lesson learned: All those warnings about exposed bulbs over tanks, very true.
  9. Nashville Area Nano Reefers

    I used to work @ Emerald Bay. I'm always bugging Sean and Robert for nano-sized frags. I know they've got a reef club that meets around once a month. The problem is I live an hour away and work nights. I had actually forgotten about E-Bay's reef club, I should check that out next time I'm in Bellevue. Thankfully that's around once a week to see my parents, although it's usually mid-day when I am there. They actually have a really nice 2.5g on the counter. Emerald Bay has done several tanks for the Titans players. I saw a 220gal they had there for one, man it was nice. I've got some polyops (they cant decide between purple or brown yet, but they do have a nice white speckled face) that are surplus if anyone wants to rendezvous in Bellevue. E-Bay had a 14.99 frag sale, but all they had left when I got there was some SPS frags. I'm ranting on and on now so, bye bye
  10. 1/6/05 Upgrading your aquarium

    I wanted a dremel for sooooooooo looooonnnnggg... and then I finally got one! No way I'm not gonna DIY the crap out of everything. I've thought of too many uses for one when I didn't have it, it's kind of hard to put down sometimes. Then again I'm a real hands-on person. New tank ideas zoom through my head all day long, its hard to pin one down. Let alone pin it down long enough to dremel it
  11. Plans for 2.5 w/ fuge (hidden plumbing)

    I too am suspicious of a siphon. I certianly wouldn't want all that water on the floor in my bedroom. Two powerheads? Both the same model (i.e. same GPH). I'm getting one 2.5 set up as I post. As my pondering advances I keep thinking of making a tank that would serve a purpose. While a 2.5 is fun and all, what could I gain from it? While I lean further and further towards a simple 10gal setup... Excuse me, I need to diagram. Update comming soon
  12. Plans for 2.5 w/ fuge (hidden plumbing)

    Too true. All the choices... enough to make ones head explode. The wisest choice seems to be the simplest idea, just back to back 2.5's. To the la-bor-a-tory! (que lightning and diabolical laughter)
  13. Nashville Area Nano Reefers

    Any fellow reefers in the area? Maybe we could get each others information? Perhaps one day we could share some ideas, help, buy/sell/trade livestock, or whatever(maybe some beer?). I know I've got some extra odds n' ends lying around... couple 10gal's, a 2.5, eclipse 6, 32w PC ballast, misc. plexi peices. I dunno, sometimes it gets a little lonely *sniff*, *sniff* The forum is great and all but, sometimes it's nice to talk to real people and see real tanks(not just pictures). Just kind of putting the idea out there, now to see what you guys think.
  14. 10 Gallon nano 6 months

    looks cool! it'll look even better in a 20