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  1. Looks great !
  2. Very Cool
  3. Mine does that too :-)
  4. Like it loads !!
  5. That's going to get huge !
  6. Excellent !
  7. Very nice !!!
  8. Nice photo !
  9. Beautiful
  10. A fire shrimp would look cool. Not sure about fish though.
  11. Are you really going to put a small reef tank in a working PC? I may be wrong ... but it doesn't sound like a good idea to me
  12. you could use a salinity-temperature conversion chart.
  13. Acanthurus sohal Should be kept in at least 100G so not a good candidate for a nano tank
  14. The algae should be easier to control as the tanks matures. Just be patient and things will work out well Ps IMO Having some algae is good ... even in the main display tank
  15. Not a great photo but this is a link to a previous post