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  1. Goniopora

    Looks great !
  2. hello i'm new here!

    Good thing you weren't naked when you took the photo !
  3. Red Stripe Cardinal

    Very Cool
  4. New snuggie for fish

    Mine does that too :-)
  5. 20 Gallon Mixed Reef 8 months old

    Like it loads !!
  6. Chupacabra or Cirolanid?

    fw dip worked for me
  7. how salty does the water have to be?

    I mix the salt into the ro/di water until it tastes good !
  8. Venemous tank

    Blue Ringed Octopus (Don't)
  9. Clownfish headbutts me constantly

    If you wear rubber gloves it puts them off. At least it did with mine, it probably doesn't taste too good when it bites :-)
  10. BIG Amphipod !

  11. HELP QUICK. MH fell in water

    You may want to do these things in reverse order if this ever happens again. You can always replace things ..
  12. Mushroom Leather

    That's going to get huge !
  13. Toadstool Coral getting too big

    It's just the normal light tan color. shipping would be a problem, I'm in the UK. Also , just wanted to say thank you all for the taking the time to reply to my post with helpful suggestions.
  14. Toadstool Coral getting too big

    If I go for the slice option how do I do it safely, without doing too much damage to the toadstool and other tank inhabitants ?
  15. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to handle a Sarcophyton coral that is fast outgrowing its tank ? I have considered 1) swapping for a smaller coral at my lfs 2) slicing it into smaller bits Any advice is most welcome