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  1. Jacob's Photography

    Good stuff Jacob:D
  2. Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    Dang... I haven't been on N-R for months. Hey!
  3. Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

  4. Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    The tank is looking great man!
  5. Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    Happy New Years everybody! One of my resolutions is to start going on N-R often again!
  6. Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    Haha sweet!
  7. Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    Hey Guys! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow! The forums changed... like a lot It's going to take some getting used to!
  8. Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    To be honest I really dont play that much. It's school and friends that's keeping me busy. I will say though, after a long stressful day playing some call of duty is pretty nice. At the moment im not wanting an aquarium, in the near future I can see me putting one together though.
  9. Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    I know the feeling! Growing up is fun though, trust me! I'm sure you'll enjoy high school! I won't forget about here lol. I'm just not on as much. I actually don't have Halo 4 yet. I've been going hardcore at black ops 2 whenever I have the time. I'll prolly get AC3 and Halo 4 pretty soon though. I'm not sure to be honest. I'm really busy with living out my young life with friends and schoolwork. I really haven't had the urge to set up a tank in a long time. I do still have all the stuff for the 7.5 gallon, it's just a matter of setting it up. It's a lot of work and I want to make sure everything is healthy. At the moment, I'm happy without having to take care of one lately. You never know though! I do have a science fair project I am doing on hermit crabs though! You'll see a tank for that!
  10. Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    So I meant to post on this on the 29th but I never got around to it... I've been on N-R for 3 years!!! It's felt like forever though. This site really did change my life in many ways (I'll get around to explaining why at some point ) and I hope to start posting regularly again at some point in the near future!
  11. Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    Hey Weetie! :wavesback: That is a great question. School is keeping me busy as fudge so whenever I get the time I'll get it from my dads house and try and get it up. I'm not really rushing anymore though. When I get some time, I'll do it! Ikr
  12. Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    Isn't it crazy?
  13. Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    I was like 11 when I started posting here. Now I'm turning 16 in a few months. Crazy to think about.
  14. 43g Rimless Miracles Reef

    The tank looks awesome!
  15. Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    Note to self: Taking all fairly challenging classes plus having music stuff and soccer stuff leaves you little time! Hey everyone i've been pretty busy lol.