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  1. May 2011 - Naturalwonders

    Very nice! Congrats!
  2. wild-caught vs. aquacultured

    I'm with Gabe on this. I like the idea of buying aquacultured, but sometimes you have to buy wild caught.
  3. quick question

    nah, leave that on all the time. You can set it into night mode.
  4. purchasing Live Rock at the store

    I have had it a couple of ways. A bag in a box. No water, just damp rocks fresh out of the holding tank. And in a bag wrapped in newspaper, wet but not filled with water. I wouldn't think you would need to bring anything, but you could bring a bucket to make it easier to carry.
  5. Cloudy water help!

    This happened to me on one of my tanks when it was first set up. Just be patient dude. It will pass on its own. Out of curiosity, what are your water parameters? Where are you in the cycle? When I had this cloudy issue it took almost a week and a half to clear totally.
  6. WTH?! Interesting LED issue?

    ^ this.
  7. SeaClone 100

    I have had one on my 54 gallon mixed reef for about a year and a half. The skimmate produced by it seems to depend on the bioload of the tank. It varies since I have many more coral than fish, and try not to overfeed.
  8. Ecotech MP10 Worth It?

    I have one in my 54g tank and have never regretted the purchase. I also use a Koralia aimed slightly upwards to help break the surface. And I have an overflow with sump underneath so surface film is not an issue. I like the many different modes the wavemaker can be put into, as well as its small footprint in the tank.
  9. Cycling?

    It certainly wouldn't hurt anything. I personally like to see the tank look like a wild beast during the cycle and then when its over get it cleaned up like a sparkly gemstone. Just be cautious of what type of algae is growing. The stuff on the glass is fine. The bubble and hairy algae on the rocks is a bit more difficult to get rid of once it takes hold of a tank.
  10. Live Rock Removal?

    I'm with paradox on this one. Take it out and sterilize it. let it dry completely and pop it back in. Otherwise you will never know if you got rid of all the pests.
  11. Nano-Reef.com 10th Birthday Gift Giveaway

    Happy Birthday N-R!!!
  12. Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    Isn't that the truth! Glad the tank made it through. I was lucky, the storm didn't take out my power.
  13. Dollar per gallon sale

    I asked and 55's are included.
  14. Meet Bill

    LOL are you the crab police?
  15. Calcium....Need Help ASAP!

    good thinking