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  1. Clams got my net! Help!

    Good news, I got home from work and the clam was relaxed enough for me to pull the net out. We'll see how he's looking when the lights kick on today...
  2. Clams got my net! Help!

    Hope he gets that Tang! I gotta go to work until about 10:30pm, hopefully I'lll come home to a caught fish and a happy clam.
  3. Clams got my net! Help!

    Yeah, I don't want to pull it out or hurt the clam. I wedged the net against the side, hopefully he'll open enough for me to pull it out. Sucks but it is kinda funny. I'll keep you guys updated
  4. Clams got my net! Help!

    Crazy thing happened, while trying to net a fish I dropped my net back into the tank and it landed right in my clam. The clam has shut around the nets handle and i can't get it out. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. FS: Corals! Breaking down the tank...

    Hey Guys, Looks like all the coral is sold to a couple local reefers. Stay tuned for Fish and then equipment sales.
  6. Unfortunately I will be moving shortly after the new year so I have to break down my tank. Will be selling the corals first, fallowed by the fish and then equipment. I am located at 92373, but would be willing to meet-up halfway at my convenience. NO SHIPPING OR TRADES!!!! Please pm me with any questions you may have. Discounts will be given to those buying multiple pieces of coral. Thanks and Happy Holidays! All Corals sold to a couple local reefers. Stay tuned for Fish and then Equipment Sales! Thanks
  7. 121013 fts 20gal

    Looks Awesome!
  8. Best ATO?

    Tunze, without a doubt...
  9. FS: Rainbow BTA

    Price dropped to $40!!!
  10. FS: Rainbow BTA

    Still for sale everyone!
  11. FS: Rainbow BTA

    Still for sale guys, I have not heard from the previous potential buyer.
  12. sps f/s 92407

  13. BC14 Hood Sold!!! BUMP for the remaining items. I'm willing to deal one these items or entertain the idea of shipping.
  14. FS: Rainbow BTA

    SOLD!!! Mother Nem on the left, one the right is the other half of the Nem thats for sale. Closeup of the half thats still on the rock work
  15. BUMP!!! Willing to talk about pricing on these items, let me know!