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  1. HVani

    HVani's Wisconsin Revival

    Thanks! Nope it's GSP. Picked up a bit. Sort of a canary in a coal mine. It's doing great! All parameters are where they should be. Algae is taking off. I ordered a quick crew from Reefcleaners. Bring on the snail army!!
  2. HVani

    HVani's Wisconsin Revival

    We are getting there
  3. HVani

    HVani's Wisconsin Revival

    Rock came in today. It's gorgeous! Very nice purple and covered in all sorts of sponges and things. Hopefully my hithikers are not too bad. Already pulled out an eunicid worm I also found what may be the smallest urchin I have ever seen! We will see what pops out in the next few days.
  4. HVani

    HVani's Wisconsin Revival

    A bit of a hitch with this tank. The light had the wrong shipping address and almost went to the dreaded ex-husband's house. But it was caught in time and is on the tank now. It's amazing! Also the rock got delayed till next week. They didn't have the size I requested
  5. HVani

    Nano Box Tune Up?

    Just an idea. I have an old nano box quad. I got it before they were even called quads lol. Anyway I love the unit but I just got a new duo and they thing looks so nice. The models have changed so much! Makes my old one look like junk lol, part of that is I tried to repaint it myself and it went badly. Since the units have changed so much over the years it would kind of neat if there was some sort of tune up or upgrade package available. Where old units could get sent in, and get a new body and paint job. Maybe even a case for my blue fish mini since it's just sitting on the floor now. I love my unit but it's tough to justify buying a complete new one when my old one works fine. Especially at the price of a new quad.
  6. HVani

    HVani's Wisconsin Revival

    Light didn't arrive Saturday and no update on the tracking since then when it got to my home town. Hopefully it is waiting for me when I get home from work. Live rock shipped today, due here on Thursday Can't wait to add life to this box of rocks
  7. HVani

    HVani's Wisconsin Revival

    Light gets here tomorrow:) http://imgur.com/a/ArLG5
  8. HVani

    HVani's Wisconsin Revival

    Change of plans. LFS wants $10.99 per lb for any live rock that has some color and it not insanely dense. It is actually cheaper to order some Nano Live rock from KP Aquatics and have it shipped to my door. Hopefully by then my light will be in too so I keep all that nice stuff
  9. HVani

    Cycling question

    When I set up a new tank (mind you I tend to use a lot of dry rock) I tend to go sloooowwww. I add some live rock then wait, then add a couple inverts, then wait a week or so, couple more CUC, then wait another week. Then add a small fish and go from there. I have started with all live rock but even this way still takes a little time. I wouldn't add everything right at once. My rule is one thing at a time with the exception of a small pair of fish. My very first reef was a 14 biocube
  10. HVani

    HVani's Wisconsin Revival

    Tank is wet! Last night it was too cloudy for pictures. Will get some today. Things look good so far. Salinity is a bit high but that is easily fixed before any life gets in there. I am going to pick up some pieces of live rock on the way home from work. Then it will be a box of rocks for a little while. I haven't had to straight up start a tank from scratch in a while! New duo is ordered from Nanobox, just waiting on an update. Hopefully it will be shipped soon
  11. HVani

    HVani's Wisconsin Revival

    Rock arrived yesterday and is all set up. Tank gets wet tonight
  12. HVani

    Clowns and damsels

    It really depends on the type of damsel. Some are devils some are ok. I have own azure damsels and sapphire damsels and have found them both to be peaceful. Even a yellow tail would be fin in that size tank.
  13. HVani

    HVani's Wisconsin Revival

    Thanks all Just waiting on rocks now
  14. HVani

    Clown Goby Destroying my Reef!

    Also try at night with a flashlight. I've used turkey basters to flush fish out of their hiding spot at night and catch them.
  15. HVani

    Clown Goby Destroying my Reef!

    Sadly reef safe usually means, "usually reef safe" Your best bet is to remove him. Very few fish are truly reef safe. I have had clown gobies before but never had too much of an issue with them. They would nip at things but never did actual damage