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  1. HVani


  2. HVani


    Green Long Tentacle Anemone
  3. HVani


    YAY! Congrats!!!
  4. HVani

    Diver's Paradise - The Original

    Congrats! on 1 year!!! If I could stop upgrading I could have had a year old tank lol.
  5. HVani

    The Keep-Downsize Coming

    I haven't had it too long but I really like it.
  6. HVani

    old thread lol

    . Look who it is! Lovely set up. I love the painting.
  7. HVani

    Cheap leds?

    I have a reef breeder's fixture and I've been very happy with it.
  8. HVani


    Nice signature
  9. HVani

    The Keep-Downsize Coming

    I forgot that LEDs are tough t take pictures of.
  10. HVani

    The Keep-Downsize Coming

    Reef Breeders 120w Dimmable LED fixture
  11. HVani

    The Keep-Downsize Coming

    Haven't updated in a bit, several things have been going on behind the scenes that I have not mentioned. Over the past few weeks I have had a few additions: Skunk cleaner shrimp Orange Spotted Goby w/ Tiger pistol shrimp Bicolor Blenny Mystery wrasse All additions are doing very well and getting along beautifully. New lights are also up and are doing very well I will try and post pictures tomorrow
  12. HVani

    Unique stocking options for a nano

    If you want an eel in a nano, a golden dwarf moray eel is a much better option. Not only will they stay smaller but don't tend to be as rough on tankmates.
  13. HVani

    The 28 Gallon Itch

    OMG I love the ocean!! I prefer the Atlantic but an ocean is an ocean. Nothing like it
  14. HVani

    Urchin dropped on the floor by lfs is it ok?

    I did this to my urchin once when I was moving a rock to a bucket. I put him back in the water and he was just fine.