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  1. My New 8Gls Nano

    Just turned one month old, so far all good!.
  2. My New JBJ *gls Nano

    Sorry for typo it's 8 gallons
  3. My New JBJ *gls Nano

    My new Nano just turn one month old, so far is looking great!
  4. Reef Nano 40 gls

    Thank you! Smorrismi
  5. My garden

    Love your landscape!
  6. Reef Nano 30 gls view 2

    Only has a small power head behind the back rocks.
  7. Reef Nano 40 gls

    yes,both are Gorgonians
  8. Reef Nano 40 gls

    Thanks! The tank was set up on November 2008, however I travel a lot and everytime I come back from a trip feels like I am 3 months behind because there is no one to take care of the poor thing.
  9. December 2009 - Lalani

    Very nice!!!