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  1. Adjust your powerhead to agitate the surface more. It can't hurt. Also, if there is nothing wrong with your water, and no visible external parasites......it may be internal parasites. Start him on prazipro if he's still eating and not getting better.
  2. I agree. I was surprised how little info was out there when I started researching. I found all the basic info, but usually you can find 100 threads with people giving their history and impressions from owning the fish. I found just a couple of little anecdotes. It was kind of expensive, about twice as much as a Yellow Longnose or Copperband Butterflyfish, so maybe that's why. Well worth the difference in cost so far, being relatively easy to feed, completely reef safe, and staying small.
  3. A little bit more about the Atlantic Longnose Butterflyfish. They stay small at only 4.5" total length and are recommended for a 50 gallon minimum tank size. Even though I have a smaller 33 gallon tank, I think I can get away with it because of the 48" footprint. So far he seems very much at home (several weeks in the display). He is listed as "reef safe with caution", but so far hasn't bothered any coral in the tank. He hunts constantly for critters to eat and eats frozen Reef Frenzy as well as some occasional flake. He clearly loves the frozen worms in the mix the most, so I think I'll start getting some live blackworms for him as well. He's very calm and not very skittish either. He's very curious by nature. It's fun to watch him swim at all kinds of weird angles and upside down trying to explore every single piece of rock. He gets picked on by the Cherub angel some, but I think it's pretty harmless. He's extremely fast so, if the angel starts to chase him he just zips across the tank in an instant and the angel is just sitting there looking dumb. Alternatively, sometimes the Butterfly will just "flex" his spines at the angel and he will immediately leave him alone. That's one reason I don't worry much about the chasing, because the Butteflyfish obviously has the ability to end the harassment any time he wants. Definitely one of the coolest fish I've ever had and my first Butterflyfish.
  4. This thread wasn't getting much attention, but I don't want to abandon it completely. My showpiece fish: Atlantic Longnose Butterflyfish.
  5. I lived in an extremely humid place, practically the tropics. Maybe that helped him survive.
  6. About 15 years ago I had a giant green frog as a pet once in a 55 gal homemade vivarium. He was huge. He would actually eat the baby dead mice you feed snakes, but I usually fed him crickets. He actually learned how to get out of his cage and would occasionally roam around my apartment and then go back into his cage. No lie. Frog was like a dog and pretty cool. Lost him in an extended power outage ice-storm when I was traveling. RIP. EDIT: Just did some research trying to remember the species: Whites Tree Frog.
  7. This seems like a weird way to start a thread about vivariums.
  8. How is this thread still going? LMAO
  9. He just looks like an A-hole. Just look at his face and you can almost hear him go, "Yeah, I ate your stupid polyps. Deal with it."
  10. Oh he's definitely staying out of my tank, I was more wondering if he could be the likely cause of my polyp reduction.
  11. Thank goodness nobody ever said that to my wife.
  12. I found him in a small hole. He's about the size of dime including the legs. I've been having a problem of zoas and polyps being eaten. Could this be the culprit? He's still alive atm..in a bucket
  13. Found this little bugger tonight in a small hole near my now-entirely-gone retreating yellow polyps.
  14. I have a Hi-Fin and candy pistol shrimp combo. I can tell you that the pair that I have would never even see half of that giant 4 gallon tank. lol I could have mine in a gallon jug and they would never know the difference. I've never seen either move more than 6"