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  1. FS/FT:Sold

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  2. FS/FT:Sold

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  3. FS/FT:Sold

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  4. Reef Keeper Lite

    Hey I'm interested in the net module if your willing to part out
  5. Koran angle help

  6. Koran angle help

    Do you recommend anything special to feed him. I forgot to put that I do feed mysis with the above food. Also I feed 3 times daily so I know he getting his belly full. Edit: I was looking around and was wondering if anybody know about npx bioplastics pellets? Would that help with my problem
  7. Koran angle help

    Yes I have chemi pure. I ran out of the elite so the is just some regular chemi pure
  8. Koran angle help

    Head and Lateral Line Erosion. HLLE
  9. Hi all need some help. I have a Koran angle that's still a baby but and has got hlle. I did some research on it and I started using selcon on the food that I use which is spectra pure flakes and small pellets. I also feed nori every other day that I drizzle selcon on too. The hlle started about a month and a half ago and I started using selcon about 3 weeks ago. I know they say it's a slow process to cure but it look to be getting worse and not better. It started between his eyes and when I started the selcon treatment it was just hitting the mouth. Well now it's his whole face and I'm getting worried that maybe I'm wrong on using selcon or something. I do water changes every weekend and it a 125g truvu tank. Please help my lil guy out
  10. FS: new DA RKL w/ SL2

    If you change your mind and is willing to Ship and part out I'll take the sl2 and float switchs
  11. 125g water question

    i have a 125g truvu aquasystem. its been setup for about a year in a half. I do water changes every week some times about every 2 weeks it pretty stocked as far as fish and live rock go.(about 120lbs) Yesterday i had added a blue mouth trigger and a yellow watchman goby. well today i came home and every body was doig good then a hour later looked at the tank and seen that the goby was dead. now to me i was thinking it came from him not eating due to him being new and all.(he wasnt eating from the time i put him in) but i did a check on the water and everything was good except the ammonia was at .25 and my nitrates jumped up to 40 from 20.now my question is do you think that was the reason y the goby died? if so what can i do to get my tank back down to stable levels. fish list med powder brown sm hippo med clownfish med rabbet fish med tomni tang jev. koran angel
  12. ~~~Reef Keeper Lite~~~

    Pm sent
  13. FS: Powder Brown Tang

    Wow that is a lot. Sorry but that was how much I was tring to spend on a new fish.
  14. FS: Powder Brown Tang

    Hey interested how much shipped to 49009