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  1. violinist

    m00z's 20 gallon shallow

    Stopped reading at centimeters.... j/k good luck!
  2. violinist

    Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    No. Lots of little worms living in there and they seem to keep things tidy. I did add some sand in at some point way back when after I tore down a different tank just to beef things up. My WC's are very fast assuming I'm not moving corals around. Water out, razor the front, water in. Usually done in under 10 minutes. Hey buddy! Still running Giesemann's and I order from aquacave.com because they are close and I can pick things up instead of having them shipped. Same mix of bulbs as what's in post #1 too - never did change it up. Thanks all for the nice comments!
  3. violinist

    Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    People do a lot of stupid crap with their tanks, and since you can easily buy more there isn't a whole lot of incentive to view coral as something that's going to be sitting in there for a long time. I've had those for just under 2 years, so I wouldn't buy into the rental coral line of thinking. That says more about a lot of the people who buy them than it does about the coral imo.
  4. violinist

    Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    Thanks for the comments guys. Good to see you are still around too SoCal Jones lol. No, I don't feed any of the coral. Also haven't dosed in a very long time. To be honest, the blenny is lucky to see Rod's Food hit the tank maybe once every ten days (I'm assuming he munches on algae). There's a balance that's been reached here and no reason to tinker around with it. If you read back through this thread, I've tried a lot of different things just like everyone has. In the end it seems like the best thing you can do for your tank is simply keep your hands out of it One thing I do remember about the gonipora, the green, is that the frogspawn killed an entire head off it in one day. So keep them far apart if you have any FS or plan to.
  5. violinist

    Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    I like the new look of the site, very slick. So, this tank is 3 years old now. Things have been humming along without much of interest to report. I've moved a few things around to try and keep the inmates happy, but short of a water change every other weekend there's been nothing added to the tank in quite some time. Still have both frogspawn. This guy has more heads than I've bothered to count in a while, and it's sitting on the sand because I accidentally broke it off the piece of rubble I'd glued it to way back when. I can tell it's po'd because it doesn't go 100% puffy, but I'm short on options as there simply isn't a good place to put the thing where it can take p a third of the tank. Probably time to grab the saw and send some frags to new homes. The other FS is sitting on the opposite end by the vortech head. A lot of flow, not much puffage... Again, no room. The orange rics have cloned off over and over. Counting little tiny babies there are a dozen or so and I've made two groups of them on both sides of the tank. The green ric finally split a while ago. There are four separate animals there, though it looks like one big blob. At some point this is going to be a big box full of monti cap with a little water in it... As the thing keeps growing I keep breaking pieces off so I can clean around it. I jam these into crevices here and there and they get right back to the business of taking over. Digi has been growing as well. Lots of fingers. Probably about 7 inches tall now, about the same in width. GSP is everywhere. Grows a lot on the undersides of monti and the monti doesn't seem to care. Monster crab on rock o' zoas. All the various 'poras have been doing well, but they don't seem to grow much. More zoas. A bunch of little starfish live in here. Legs come out when food hits the water. The mothership. Or what's left after Violinist the Hurricane comes through and breaks pieces off. Nice garden of GSP in the middle there. Wider shots of the left side of the tank and a blenny photobomb. Right side. Can see the other FS in the upper right corner. Chunk of monti lying on the sand from a couple weeks ago. There you go. Big plans for the tank in 2013 include changing the T5's in a couple months and buying a new filter set for the rodi unit. Seeing some algae pop up here and there so I think the tds is probably creeping up. Happy new year!
  6. violinist

    Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    Yeah sad but true. Not enough hours in the day and NR doesn't get too many of them anymore... Couple of quick snaps:
  7. violinist

    Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    Google will probably kill off the audio track, but anyway here's an updated vid of the tank. Will post some pics tomorrow.
  8. violinist

    Markushka's 20 Long Rimless Tank

    Nice, back and running a 20L! I dumped my skimmer probably 9 months ago (I'd have to check my own thread lol) and can't say there was any ill effect at all. Following...
  9. violinist

    Aqualifter pump height question

    It's the height the pump can push the water from the pump upwards.
  10. violinist

    Arkayology's Rimless 40g

    New name, new tank - wtf have I missed?
  11. violinist

    Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    Lol, well I guess that lines up nicely with your reason for staying out of the navy. Is Plant Science different than Botany or is Rutgers dumbing things down? Running a tank at college?
  12. violinist

    Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    You join the military or end up in college?
  13. violinist

    Violinist's 20 Long - 3 Years!

    Hmmm... Tank temp a cool 72 degrees this morning. The big heater that had been running in the hex for so long apparently decided to crap out now that there are lives depending on it. Got some craptastic fluval (non-submersible) heater in there for now till I can hit a store while running around for work this morning. Thanks for the compliments. Funny how a little sand and shuffling some rocks around makes it feel like a new (and more interesting) tank.
  14. violinist

    Animalmaster6's Box Of Nothing! :D

    I showed up just in time - grats on getting it wet!