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  1. FS - All livestock (Tank Breakdown)

    Where in Socal you located?
  2. My 1st attempt in Nano-Reefing

    thanks guys!! the bridge is sorta temporarily. Im going to pick up some more cured live rock later down the road.. or just order dry rock online. I was testing out the rockscape but you brought up a good point of it falling and killing some livestock. I plan on changing the rockcape and having it more secured. Though I plan on doing more stuff when summer rolls around. On another note, Ive noticed a lot of micro feather dusters. Its somewhat weird that I didnt start with any at all and all of a sudden BAM there everywhere! I wish I had cooler hitchhikers!
  3. My 1st attempt in Nano-Reefing

    Well it has been awhile. Since I have been busy with school and work I havent been able to look around for corals. Unfortunately my clown had carpet surfed well in my house wood floor surfed, when I was away from school. I added a black background and coralline algae has been progessively spreading. Have been doing my weekly water changes, if not weekly bi weekly water changes. I added an emearld crab this guy has personality
  4. First reef - 16g bowfront

    will be following I have a 16g bow front too!
  5. Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    I still want cake!!
  6. My 1st attempt in Nano-Reefing

    the skimmer i got it used from a local reefer for 60 bux. im thinking about buying the new accela pump for the cpr cause the rio he gave looks old had it running for 2 weeks it did pull some nasty stuff but i feel like it could do better. I was wondering if anyone run the pre skimmer and bubble trap on their cpr if its worth the purchase?
  7. My 1st attempt in Nano-Reefing

    thanks guys! the lights was from fishneed it 24 two bulb light. The microbubbles were coming from a CPR back pack im going to take it out cause the bubbles were annoying. And for background i was thinking about painting it but never got the chance. Would a black vnyl covering be suffice?
  8. Well im farily new here, to be honest I have been lurking around NR researching and well I started my tank at 3/13. I have been busy with school and work but had a few mins to try and post some pictures if i can figure it out. Tank: 16 G Bow AGA Live rock: 16 lbs looking to add a few more pounds. Live sand: 20 lbs Params are all zero'd out. Livestock: Bloodfire shrimp, Clownfish CUC: 3 hermits, 2 nassis, 1 fighting conch Looking into corals but for now its a FOWLR until i get some more fundings and time to look around for frags. hate these microbubbles