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  1. sorry all been out of town, Looking to sell all of it. $550 takes it all and Im in Indiana.
  2. Hi All, i have a IM 10, been running for about 18 months. Don't have time for it and am taking it down. Selling everything off. ghost skimmer MP10 runs great kessel A80 w gooseneck Tunze ATO 3152 and Nuevo 10 whole setup preferred.
  3. @Weetabix7I'm here to party! That wide front overflow with the ac110 is genius!
  4. Thanks! Looking forward to these growing out and filling up the dead space on the rock.
  5. quick update got some shots of the acans coloring up. Colors are popping and everything seems pretty happy. My frog spawn seems to be retracted a bit and one zoa that was damaged in the bag has pretty much dissolved to nothingness. But other than that the corals are very solid. This us week is going to start off to be the start of some extended time away. I'll be at home for a few days at a time but from now till the end of October I'll be traveling almost every week with projects.
  6. Thanks for checking in, at that point I was in full blown spam/panic mode
  7. I'll have to do that, not sure I can cycle a tank before Tuesday but I could definite seed it with bact. I did, what I am seeing in the fish doesn't look like ich or velvet but I bet I came in on the first batch of fish. I wonder how long I'll have to qt and starve out the tank.
  8. Has anyone run into a problem with low O2 levels? I am having a really difficult time keeping any fish healthy for more than 48 hours. I really think something is attacking the fish as I will see them look vibrant and bright and then several have come to die very quickly with a scar or abrasion on the tail/body. with that said I also notice that film tends to build on the surface, odd since it has an mp10 and surface skimming. Either something is eat a small fortune in fish or I am missing something... any help is appreciated!
  9. Welp premium aquatics just called and my extreme snowflake is on its way to there shop. The one I bought died almost instantly and they agreed to replace it. Now I'm up s#%t creek and don't have a safe place to put the fish. They are gonna hold it through the weekend since I got called out to a problem roof in CT. Hopefully,I can get some resolution before Tuesday or find a place to keep the fish local while I hunt the bastard that hunts my fish....
  10. All good and I appreciate the sentiment. Good news is I got a nice start on acan/zoa island:)
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