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  1. LED Fuge Light Help

    The driver is the same for both kits, that driver can power 1-4 LEDs (no difference in performance between 1 and 4 LEDs). From my experience the right amount of light for moonlights are a personal preference, but I'd go with about 2 LEDs on that tank. The 2 LED kit only comes with 2 moonlight LEDs, you would have to order the NW LED separately.
  2. LED Fuge Light Help

    3 of those moonlights is too much for your BC29 (in my opinion), even though they're only 1W LEDs. As for the 4th LED, you can include a 3W CREE cool white LED if you'd like (ie. XP-G Cool White). The driver is just going to output 350mA so it doesn't matter which LED(s) you're connecting to it.
  3. RapidLED Par38 Review

    Our LEDs are being driven at 500mA, while Evil's I believe are closer to 900-1000mA. Our LEDs are consuming about ~2W each, but don't get too caught up on wattage as ultimately it's not all that important.
  4. There is too much LED "wattage" confusion

    Hi Scuba, no offense taken at all.
  5. There is too much LED "wattage" confusion

    The LEDs in our PAR bulbs are being driven at 500mA. Keep in mind that increases in lumens aren't linear, so running an LED at 1A doesn't mean you get twice the lumen output as running it at 500mA. Just some food for thought.
  6. eln-60-48p without a dimmer

    You can use the ELN-60-48P driver without a pwm controller and with only a 9V power source. Just make sure you turn down the SVR2 knob (which controls current) as the factory setting is at the max (1.3A). If you're running any CREE XR-E's that will easily blow them out (they can handle 1.0A max).
  7. Sorry, no immediate plans to carry that in the near future but we'll look into it.
  8. Due to popular demand, our special sale on PAR bulbs is back!! This time we're offering 15% off of all our PAR bulbs to our friends at Nano-Reef from now through the end of September. With the discount PAR30 bulbs are only $67.15 and PAR38 bulbs are only $84.15!! You will not find PAR bulbs with genuine CREE LEDs any cheaper than this! All models are in stock and ready to ship now. Please use promotion code NR15 at checkout. In case any of you were wondering, here are a few key differentiators between our PAR bulbs and others in the market: - Anodized finishing means the lamp is corrosion and rust free - PAR readings on the 60 degree PAR30 bulb at 12" reached over 450+, while PAR38 readings at 12" reached over 675+ (Apogee Quantum meter on electric setting). Full PAR readings will be available shortly. - Only the highest rated CREE XR-E 3W LEDs are used (the same ones we sell on our site) - Uses the same lenses we sell on our site for super easy future lens changes (if needed) - In stock, ready to ship now!
  9. As part of our MACNA promotion we are offering our new 5 LED PAR30 bulb for $69 and our new 7 LED PAR38 bulb for $89! These beauties come with authentic CREE XR-E LEDs and either 60 or 80 degree lenses. The sale will run through the end of MACNA (September 5th) so please order now as we will begin shipping orders on August 31st. Bulbs will be on display at our MACNA booth so we invite everybody to stop by and take a look, we promise you will not be disappointed! PAR 30 - $69: http://www.rapidled.com/servlet/the-100/5-...R30-Bulb/Detail PAR 38 - $89: http://www.rapidled.com/servlet/the-101/7-...R38-Bulb/Detail
  10. Rapid LED's Independence Day Sale Extravaganza!

    Just a friendly reminder that our sale ends tomorrow night. We'll do our best to keep some of the prices the same even after the sale, but please get what you need now while it's cheap! Also, pre-drilled/tapped heat sinks should be available by this weekend!!!
  11. Rapid LED's Independence Day Sale Extravaganza!

    During the sale we aren't able to offer any additional incentives as our prices really are as low as they can go, but in the future if you want to order go ahead and email us at staff@rapidled.com and we'll see what we can do. Hi Tyron, actually the heat sinks aren't pre-drilled for biocubes, they will just have pre-drilled holes for LEDs. We do have pre-drilled heat sinks for some nano tanks, though unfortunately not for the BC8 (the smallest one is the NC12 Deluxe).
  12. Rapid LED's Independence Day Sale Extravaganza!

    Sorry, we generally don't decide on upcoming sales until a few weeks before they happen. If you want to be notified of future sales please register on our site and we'll be sure to include you on future email notifications.
  13. DIY LED Help

    When wiring up the LEDs and drivers you always want to have the entire string connected before plugging the driver into the wall. Not doing so is going to result in what you saw, the instant flash and then nothing. Unfortunately those LEDs are now burned out/blown. If you're using 3W CREE LEDs (XR-E's or XP-G's), all you'll need is 3 LEDs in a string to run that driver. Be careful if you're using the Mean Well dimmable drivers however as those will require more (usually about 8, depending on the driver).
  14. Hi Everyone, 2 quick messages from the folks over at Rapid LED: 1) In honor of Independence Day we're going to have a blowout sale like you've never seen!! If you were sitting on the fence about upgrading your lights or were just saving up to retrofit your larger tank, NOW is the time pull the trigger. Here's a sneak preview of some of our sale items: CREE XR-E Royal Blue LEDs: Regular price $6.49, Sale price $5.75 CREE XR-E Cool White LEDs: Regular price $6.29, Sale price $5.75 Mean Well LPC-35-700 driver: Regular price $19, Sale price $15 Mean Well ELN-60-48D driver: Regular price $36, Sale price $30 Mean Well ELN-60-48P driver: Regular price $35, Sale price $30 5.9" x 9" Heat Sink: Regular price $15, Sale price $10 60mm Vantec Stealth Fan Kit: Regular price $44.99, Sale price $37 92mm Vantec Stealth Fan Kit: Regular price $48.99, Sale price $40 The sale begins on July 1st and will end on July 14th. No quantity limits or minimums required! 2) About a year ago we helped jump start the DIY LED movement by introducing the first DIY kits on the market (at least that we saw). As you know, we're the only company to offer pre-tinned LEDs, and more recently, we've tried to make everyone's experience easier by including pre-cut wiring with all of our kits (at no additional charge, I might add). Sometime mid-month, we're going to change the DIY kit game once again by offering fully drilled and tapped heat sinks! We understand how difficult this has been for many of our customers, and we decided that we'd make it easier on the entire industry by offering them as part of our kits. We'll start with only a couple of standard widths and lengths but we're confident that this will help make the DIY experience for everybody much more enjoyable. Please check our website often as it will be first-come first-served when they are out! From all of us at Rapid LED, we'd like to wish you all a safe and happy 4th of July weekend with your families. Thank you once again for your continued support! Regards, Mike, Eric and the rest of the Rapid LED Staff
  15. Starting today through Memorial Day (May 31st) we are giving our friends at Nano-Reef 10% off our already reduced Mean Well dimmable driver prices! We've already slashed prices on both models ELN-60-48D and ELN-60-48P today, and we're throwing in another 10% on top of that!! Just enter code "nanoreef" during step 1 of the checkout process to receive the discount (discount reflected in price of product, not as a separate line item). We wish you all a safe and happy Memorial Day!!