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  1. Ai sol nano wh controller

    Thanks a lot guys, appreciate the help. Will get around to posting pics once I get it set up this week. I've got a 60l (15.8gallon) aqua Japan cube I picked up
  2. Ai sol nano wh controller

    I don't have my tank setup yet. Just getting all the equipment first and will prob start on aqua scape next week
  3. Ai sol nano wh controller

    Just got an ai sol nano light with controller from reef geek. This is my first led light and first time using a controller. Does anyone have recommended timers they use for there lights? I want a dusk, dawn, moonlight setup just not sure how to program each timer.
  4. Tanks have been in storage for about a year. Nano cube 6 includes tank/stand/canopy/heater/pump. Canopy had been retro'd with supplemental pc actinic bulb but isn't working. Not sure if its bulb or ballast. Can re retro with multiple set up options. 50/50 light and lunar lights still work along with fans. 2.5 G was just a project to test diy skills. Ran it for a while with live rock and hermit only. Pictures show tank at initial set up with 70 w SunPak. Ended up diy pc light into a cigar box. Still looks bright. Works just fine can be painted black to match. Comes with heater and pump. NC 6 tank, stand, hood = $50, 2.5G = 20. Take both for 60. Local Pickup Only.
  5. 2.5g baffles