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  1. LATE TO THE PARTY BUT NOW I'M HEREEEEEE got my tank yesterday finally. here is my FTS submission
  2. UPS did a great job at following instructions. luckily, BRS used a much larger box filled with peanuts and the contents were dry rock.
  3. you can also buy an acrylic aio conversion thing. it does surface skimming
  4. Could be blockage at the intake. Could be the return pump too strong.
  5. This is my....NTS (no tank shot) Ike from Current USA did 2-day shipping to get the light arm, screw kit, and large t-shirt to me. It's going to have to my a sleeping's huge on me. Also big thanks to Steve from inTank for getting my order to me. I gave him a hard time. I changed my order twice. So he rushed my order so I couldn't change my mind anymore . The actual tank is scheduled to arrive tmw!
  6. looks good. i got the same basket. i was debating if i wanna use the whole area under chamber 1 and 2 for chaeto and just plop and bag of carbon near the return pump. but this looks good too.
  8. Hiiii. Sorry to bother. Could you please add my aqua. Journal for this contest to the front page?
  9. still too early to tell. lol too many ideas are going through my head.
  10. Hi everyone! I have been off the forums for a while. Decided to browse one day and saw this contest! perfect reason to jump back in. I ordered the tank near deadline so I haven't received it yet. Scheduled to arrive Tuesday 5/23. Plans: I think i'm going to keep this tank as simple as possible. I'm going to hold off on buying testing kits unless things are really failing in the tank and water changes aren't fixing it. Sofies/zoas/palys are probably what I will be sticking with. Filtration will be filter floss, chaeto, and carbon. I already have a brand new Hydor Theo 50w from another build i was slowly piecing together. water movement will be accomplished with the IM spinstream nozzle and another powerhead that is undecided atm. maybe the jebao or koralia ....more to come....
  11. Scheduled delivery for my tank is 5/23!!
  12. Could someone post a picture of the rear Chambers? I'd like to think about what I wanna do with mine while it's being shipped. Thanks.
  13. I ordered the combo...sigh...please add me to the contest. Thanks lol
  14. if i order tonight.. i prob won't get it by...wednesday. still okay?
  15. damn! i wish i didn't miss this. does the promo code for the tank/light kit still valid?