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  1. SushiYum

    Current USA Orbit Tank Mount question

    Very correct. I emailed them along with creating this thread. They are sending my an extension arm free of charge. I should be able to find some bolts and screws to make it work. Thanks!
  2. So I have the: Current USA Orbit tank mount and current usa orbit marine pro led 18 to 24. the pro version is thicker and can't be used with the clips that come with the mount. I know I have to use the supplied screws to mount the light to the arm. But the instructions say to mount it vertically with the arm with 3-4 screws. I would rather mount it perpendicular to the arm. looks like i am only able to use about 2 screws? will this be enough? is there another metal bracket i can add to mount it more securely? Pictures for reference.
  3. SushiYum

    Sump, Skimmer, Pump, Lights, Etc

    The guy disappeared. I was also waiting for heater reply
  4. SushiYum

    WTB Red Sea Max 130D Surface Skimmer

    Please close. ended up finding this on the internet. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2964732 and used https://www.3dhubs.com to have it printed out.
  5. Looking a red sea max 130D surface skimmer picture for reference
  6. SushiYum

    Aquamaxx WS-1 in sump skimmer

    yea will check when i get home. i had the hob version in the past. A+ skimmer
  7. SushiYum

    Aquamaxx WS-1 in sump skimmer

    i'll take it if it fits the rsm 130d. but i can't seem to find dimension info online for the rear chambers. ?
  8. SushiYum

    Stirring sand during water change?

    depends how deep your sand is... u don't want to disrupt a deep sand bed. if you have a large tank. you should vacuum small sections per water change.
  9. SushiYum

    I can't get Nitrates down!

    probably the water you are using.
  10. Where's the cheapest site to get some cut glass for a diy tank? thinking about doing a 18x18x10 low iron preferred. did a search local and all i could find are companies that do glass for doors and bathrooms. saw glasscages, but picking up from a truck seems...not ideal any other sites? Thanks.
  11. SushiYum

    FS Reef equipment

    I'll try to get that info for you tonight.
  12. SushiYum

    FS Reef equipment

    1. Innovative Marine 14 Gallon Peninsula AIO tank - SOLD 2. Current Orbit Pro - New/Out of box/Tested - $90 shipped comes tank mount arm. 3. Nanobox Tide with BlueFish - SOLD 4. Mame Skimmer - used/will come with new stones and air pump - $75 shipped 5. Micro-Reefs custom 3 gallon Acrylic peninsula Tank - New - $100 shipped 6. MP10 - SOLD Will add more later. Along with pictures.
  13. SushiYum


    Does this have any mounts?
  14. I already got some square acrylic rods off ebay. i was gonna hang the rock pretty far out. so magnets would not be able to support all the rock weight. i might try to bend a 90 degree on the rod and epoxy that to the back wall and cover it with rubble. won't be totally floating, it'll have a base foot. its going to need to be pretty strong.