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  1. What an eye-opening, unique tank! Congrats on TOTM!
  2. I make my own RODI water - I make sure the TDS reads 0 every time. I use Tropic Marin salt (not the pro mix). I mix up the feeding - sometimes pellets (like 5 or 6), sometimes dried brine shrimp (a pinch), and sometimes dried bloodworms - just once a day to the clown. Just to be clear - I don't feed all diff foods at once - I just randomly pick 1 food to feed each day. I used to use coral frenzy, but I stopped doing that a couple months ago. Once in a long while I add a capful of purple-up, but otherwise I don't dose anything. I use just a single MP10 to control the flow - I did notice some dead spots around the corners, and I've re-scaped to increase flow. While re-scaping, I did notice a bunch of detritus, which I've sucked out with a water change. This was done just last week. You don't think if I up the biological filtration, it will just eliminate the problem? I've read that it's supposed to be about 1 lb. of rock per gallon - and at 40 gallons total volume... and just 15 lbs of rock - I come up well short...
  3. I've got an established 20 gallon tank w/ a 20 gal sump, but I have recurring red slime and green algae problems. Weekly water changes, a GFO reactor, carbon, reduced feedings... don't seem to work too permanently. I only have 1 fish (occelaris clown), and a bunch of softies, which shouldn't be too large of a bioload, right? I want to be able to add at least a couple more fish. My feeling is I don't have enough rock to do the job, so I'm thinking of adding 15 lbs of dry rock (currently 20 lbs of live rock) into the sump (only has sand, some rubble, and chaeto) to boost the filtration. If I dose nitrifying bacteria, will this crash my tank? More importantly, is this even a good idea? Thoughts?
  4. July 2012 Featured Reef - MedRed

    Wow! Congrats and well-deserved TOTM. Your tank is beautiful, MedRed!
  5. May 2012 Reef Profile - Gena

    Wonderful tank! I'm loving the softies, and the gobies are awesome! Congrats!
  6. March 2012 Reef Profile - razarmi

    I love softies and LPS! Your tank is an inspiration. Congrats!
  7. February 2012 Reef Profile - imisky

    Beautiful tank. Congrats imisky!
  8. November 2011 Reef Profile - teamschreiba

    Great looking tank! Congrats, and well deserved!
  9. September 2011 Reef Profile

    Congrats! Really, really, really well-deserved. Hats off to you
  10. 7.5g walk around cube

    sweet setup. props, my friend.
  11. Could you consume skimmate?

    i can't believe you really did it.
  12. Mistake in DI installation?

    Rearranged the order of the filters. The DI is connected post-membrane now, and also took apart the chamber containing the membrane and secured it. I think the membrane was not properly seated. Made just over 5 gallons now, and it is still reading 0ppm. I think this problem is finally solved. Thanks AZ and seabass - you guys are awesome!!
  13. I am having an algae outbreak, and so I got a TDS meter and checked the water I was producing out of my 3-stage Kent Marine RO unit. Turns out it was reading at 53ppm, so I went ahead and replaced both prefilters and the membrane. After discarding the 1st 10 gallons, I checked again, and it was still reading about 25ppm. I went and got an add-on chamber/stage, put a new DI canister in it, and installed it right after the 2nd (carbon?) filter, feeding into the membrane. Immediately it was producing clean water at 0ppm. Problem solved, or so I thought. After filling a 5 gallon jug, I noticed the DI canister had turned completely orange, and when I tested the water again, it read 130ppm!?!? I'm getting a little frustrated here. Did I do something wrong? Should I have installed the DI after the membrane (just before it goes into the jug)? Did I just waste an entire brand-new DI canister? Please help. I thank you in advance.
  14. Nano-Reef.com 9th Birthday Giveaway

    Happy Birthday NanoReef! May there be many, many more to come!
  15. April 2010 - parishilton

    Sublime tank. Well done.