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  1. Never ordered livestock online, but for dry goods my choice is Bulk Reef Supply.
  2. ORA German Blue Polyp Monti, no polyp extension

    It could take awhile. I had a rainbow monti that browned out and it took a couple months to get the nice blue base color back.
  3. Planet Ocean on Netflix

    I used the search function on Netflix and it came right up. There's also another special called window to the sea that focuses on the Shedd, Monterrey Bay, and New England Aquariums.
  4. Anyone have a reef ready 50 breeder they want to get rid of ? I'm located in the SW burbs of Chicago Thanks, Josh
  5. New hang out for midas blenny?

    I have a couple empty hermit shells that my bicolor blenny loves to hang out in.
  6. In my 28g Nanocube I currently have a bicolor blenny and a sixline wrasse and was wondering what everyone thought as far as a 3rd fish that could live with these 2. I tried a royal gramma, but the other 2 harrased him pretty bad, so the gramma went back to the LFS. Any ideas ?
  7. Tankmates for a Bicolor Blenny

    Thanks. The chalk basslet looks like a neat little fish.
  8. This past weekend I got my first fish for my 28g LED Nano...a bi-color blenny. He's such a cool little guy with tons of personality...I even saw him hanging out in one of the empty hermit crab shells ! I was wondering what other fish I could keep with him. I was thinking of possibly a flasher wrasse, but was unsure on what else. I'm not that keen on clownfish, so I was looking for other options. Other than that, I'm pretty open to suggestions.
  9. I’m looking for stocking ideas for my 28g LED Nanocube… So far the only fish I’ve decided on is either a bi-color or tailspot blenny due to their personality and color. I was looking for ideas for another 2 or 3 small peaceful fish that would go well with the blenny. - I like chromis, but my understanding is they’re best kept in a shoal which isn’t practical in a 28g cube -Another consideration is the falco hawkfish. I do have a peppermint shrimp so I know I would be making a gamble if I got a hawk. -I really like the royal gramma, but I understand they can get very aggressive and territorial. Are there any fish similar to a RG in color, but with less aggression ? Any suggestions are welcome as I’m completely open on stocking ideas aside from the blenny.
  10. Cycle Over...now bryopsis

    It's been running since 2/7. I used cured live rock from PA, so the cycle went quickly.
  11. My cycle is now over and I’m experiencing a big algae bloom. Most noticeably, bryopsis. My question is would I be better off letting the tank stabilize since the cycle just ended and start adding a clean-up crew or should I go ahead and start dosing Kent Tech-M to try and eliminate this scourge before I add any snails/crabs ?
  12. I thought I read somewhere about converting the entire center chamber of the 28g nanocube into a fuge. How well does this work ? Is this better than just using the center section of the supplied media basket ? Also, wouldn't using the entire center chamber leave you with no mechanical filtration options making the water quiet dirty ? I may be way off base here, but was just wondering. Thanks, Josh
  13. Aquascape Help

    I started my 28g LED Nanocube last week with 26 lbs of Timora Cured rock from PA. I love the rock, but I'm still not happy with my aquascape. Any suggestions ?
  14. Timora or Bali Alor ?

    Thanks everyone ! As long as the rocks have a little coraline, I guess that's all that matters since it'll spread to other rocks. The Bali Alor looks sharp. I think I may go this route. Did you guys have a lot of hitchhikers on your Bali Alor rock ?
  15. I'm going to be placing an order with Premium Aquatics next week for some cured live rock. In everyones experience, do you like the Bali Alor or Timora better ? I'm looking for rock that has nice coraline coverage with some interesting shapes with lots of nooks, crannies, caves, etc.