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  1. I might be interested in the tank only if you would separate from the stand. If so, how much for just tank?
  2. Yup, it's true. Also need a couple potentiometers with knobs. PM or post here Thanks!
  3. So selling used light above retail? Might want to rethink price
  4. Any idea how much you would recommend to add to a 5 gallon ATO reservoir for starters?
  5. I have a 3 gallon pico tank. I know many people have great success with small tanks doing a simple weekly or biweekly water change and I've attemped to do the same thing but I still get a lot of fluctuation with alkanity in particular (swings of 6-10dkh) and calcium to a lesser extent (350-450) despite having very little livestock (about 50 heads of zoas, a tiny toadstool and a "test" 2 inch birdsnest from my main tank) I know I could try setting up dosers but not really interested in investing the money and time into dialing them in. Ive heard of people adding alkalinity and pH buffers to their ATO water and wondering if someone can give me instructions on how to do this. I have a 5 gallon bucket tied into a float switch and aqualifter. Any other ideas or suggestions? I'm not looking to do anything crazy with my little pico tank but would like to have some simple LPS and maybe an easy SPS or two. So far only softies seem to do ok but they aren't exactly thriving either. Thanks in advance~
  6. I think you are getting carried away. Just get double float valve from autotopoff.com
  7. I set up my little 3 gallon PiCo tank a few months ago and haven't done much other than let it cycle, add a CUC and a couple tiny frags of zoas, pulsing xenia and a tiny chunk of pocilopora from my 150 just because. I feed my CUC a bit and have been changing out about 1 gallon of water every week and have some chemipure elite in the back chamber (maybe 2 oz). I finally have the time to devote more energy to this tank and have began testing calcium and alkalinity to see where I am at . I would expect almost no fluctuations in these parameters since there is barely any livestock but strangely, my alk usually drops several points every day. The first time I tested, it was 5.5 (!) and after bringing it up to 8.5 or so, rapidly drops about 2 points every day. Basically, I am having to dose my alk daily and I don't have anything in the tank yet! Any ideas? I have heard chemipure can drop dKh but this much? Thanks in advance
  8. Howdy all, I'm in the process of adding some T5s to my tank for aethetics and spectrum supplementation to take my coral to the next level. I have a mixed reef (SPS heavy) 150 gallon tank with a 48 x 30 inch foot print that is 24 inches deep Currently, I have 2 radions (Gen2) and almost everything in the tank is healthy and appears well but several pieces of SPS or LPS as well as a few softies (leather and zoas) are stagnant with poor growth or receding. There are multiple dark spots, particularly in the corners and edges so I'm going to add some T5s to get more lateral growth, reduce shadows and supplement the spectrum. Currently, I have a 12 hour schedule on my radions with a ramp up period of 2-3 hours in the morning and evening (blues only) with a 6 hour period of 14k during the middle of the day at about 75-80% intensity. Two questions: 1) Recommendation for t5 bulb combination for growth/color? Id like to get a bluer 20k look during the middle of the day without losing too much growth. 2) How should I adjust my radion schedule once the T5s are installed? My plan was to only have the t5s on for the 6 hour midday period and drop the radion intensity down to 30-40% from 80% at that time and keep the blue sunrise/sunset in the morning/evening. I dont want to fry my corals... Pic of my tank below Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  9. I have a small 3g pico I am going to set up with a built in overflow in the back. There is a chamber that I suppose I could use for either a refugium or media (if I build a basket) Which should I go for? I have a AI Prime light and I'd like to be able to at least attempt to grow anything. If I do media, what should I use for a pico tank? I have GFO and carbon on my 150gallon tank. Should I do three chambers in a media basket, one for filter floss, one for carbon and one for GFO? What is the state of the art for pico tanks these days? Thanks
  10. Bump, price negotiable. Make a reasonable offer. Wife says make these go away....
  11. Thanks, I realize it can be turned down but I'm wondering how much. I mean it will be harder to tune the light for my corals if I have everything dialed down to 5 to 10% vs 50 to 70%. I really like everything I've heard about the light just not sure it would be good for such a small tank
  12. I like the capabilities of the light but is it way overkill? How much will it have to be dialed down to avoid frying livestock?
  13. I have 2 fixtures for sale, great for small reef tanks (I used them for 3 gallon pico tank but could be used for nano or refugium etc): #1- 12 inch 2x18 Watt Current USA PowerCompact Dual Satellite Fixture. 1 switch for each bulb so each can be put on individual timers. Has LED moonlight also. In great shape, has a bit of rust on some screws that could be easily cleaned/replaced. Great light as is for softies, LPS or refugium light but is also a great housing if you want to do an LED retrofit or need parts for fixture #2 (see next) #2- Same fixture housing but gutted and used for LED retrofit with the following components Coralux 5UP LDD driver board (4 used slots and 1 empty for future upgrade if wanted) CREE XT-E 3UP (2x royal blue, 1x neutral white) Exotic Hyper Violet LED - 430nm x 2 Meanwell LDD-1000H LED Driver x 3 Meanwell LDD-700H LED Driver x 1 12V 4A DC Power Supply 4 Amp 12 Volt power supply Brand new Typhon LED controller (you can dim/control each color individually for sunrise/sunset, color balance, brightness, etc) The retrofitted fixture has some cosmetic issues with a couple of cracks on the side panel and empty screw holes (see photo) but it works great. My plan was to replace the side panels of the LED light but never got around to it. Some of the wiring in the LED light could use repair to make it look pretty but anyone with a soldering iron could get it looking good in no time. I'll also include the gutted components (ballasts, switches, reflectors etc) and unused PC bulbs I'd like to sell the lights together but would consider selling them separately. Everything in the pictures below for $100. PM or post below with questions Thanks for reading!
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