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  1. Let me know if you have one - thanks!
  2. Wanted to also take a sec and review this skimmer. I was concerned at first since the setup while not hard it took a while to find the right adjustments (mainly on height) and even then it took me atleast 2+ weeks to get anything green in the tank. Fast forward 1.5 months later this skimmer is by far the best I've EVER had. This thing pulls crap so dark you cant even see through the collection cup. It is hands down the best skimmer I've ever purchased and have owned some big name expensive brands (Reef Octopus DOC Skimmer, Tunze 9001, Bubble King). Def be patient let it sit on a setting for a few days then adjust as needed. The quality of this skimmer is that of one that would be built for a larger tank and really impressed me the most. It is a little more than other skimmers offered for smaller tanks but if you have a sump or can fit this in your AIO chamber do not hesitate to buy! For reference I have this on a Nuvo 30L and the collection cup does take longer to fill up. (the stuff that makes it in the cup is amazingly dark and smells like poop when you clean it out!) Kudos to Cadlights for offering an amazing skimmer to reefers! Pros: Pulls amazing dark waste Quite Pump Quality build Fairly easy to setup/take apart to clean Cons: Does create some micro bubbles (not as much of an issue now since I've made other adjustments to offset this issue. However still some micro bubbles... Final thoughts - buy one!
  3. interested in one of these as well...any luck on exact name or who has one?
  4. Looking to see if anyone has either one of these for sale and willing to ship. Thanks!
  5. I ended up picking up a pair of True Perculas. Never been a big fan of all of the designer clowns, always though the wild caught Percs had the best color combo. (Orange, White, Black) One of my LFS doses new arrivals in copper and this specific pair had been sitting in the store since November so I felt pretty safe getting these wild caught specimens.
  6. I just setup a new NUVo 30 long... everything is great except all the micro bubbles. The only items that could putting these out is the stock pump, skimmer or return flow nodules. ideas on how to fix? ive already adjust them all and cleaned
  7. Anyone have a preference for this? I'm thinking dry flakes but not sure what everyone has had good results with. I used to have Argent Cyclopeeze and that stuff was amazing....but they are no longer around. Any suggestions for similar results? That food made the fish colors extremely bright and vibrant.
  8. Have you grown any additional heads? Curious how keeping them has gone, they look great will def need to pick one up.
  9. Daniel - this is great feedback. I have a shallow tank 36x15x13 - do you think 3 a80's would do the job needed to keep all coral types and anemones? I've also heard of the disco effect but haven't experienced it in person yet. I've seen some pretty amazing looking tanks online that have 2+ a80's so just very intrigued by them...
  10. Yea I'm getting 2 for my build just wanted to get other peoples thoughts. I have hear that the Kessil's tend to wear out after 2 yrs time....not sure how true that is. My last setup had a Radion and prior to that one I had an AI Sol. Based on both I preferred the AI and just havent explored Kessil as an option yet.
  11. Understand the control aspect. I think the spread is 24x24 for fish only needs but could be wrong? I guess im curious to understand the color differences? All brands look a little different just wanted everyone's opinion. It seems like to me the color and shimmer is a little more impressive from Kessil but again looking for feedback from both owners.
  12. Curious if anyone has owned both? What are the pros and cons? I really like both and haven’t seen the a80’s in person. Curious to get your thoughts.
  13. Just a quick update....I purchased a skimmer but still looking for another AI prime HD (White). Also need a Tunze osmolator... Thanks!
  14. One thing to poinmt out I've learned is if you REALLY want one that is already hosting you could go hand pick it from a LFS. Typically more expensive than online BUT you atleast get what your looking for. I went to a few last week and from some new shipment they have a hand full that immediately took to the anemones. Just a thought...
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