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  1. Sand, primer, paint, seal. Do it! I’m happy with the results. I also removed the drawer pull and door hardware and did a faux frosting of the front glass. All glory to the nanobox!
  2. WaterBox 20 Cube NanoBox Duo Cadlights PLS-50 Elite V2 MightyJet Desktop Return MP10 - ReefCrest intensity 7/12
  3. Absolutely. I have yet to dust off the DSLR, but I will gladly provide you with multiple shots and the RAW files and Edits. Your product is outstanding.
  4. Tank is maturing nicely, just got through another algae phase.
  5. Thank you! This torch has lineage back to a kid named Todd who went to school here in Western New York (I believe he's a Dentist now! Some 15 years-ish later). It's known simply as "Todd's Torch" and will forever be a fan favorite around these parts. It's just as bright as it looks, and has extension like no other strains. Now, if my clowns would stay out of mine, I might have some of that epic extension. I'm just happy mine are all inflating and happy for now. Tank is too new to worry too much about coloration. My Orangeaid acans are developing yellow splashes on them. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing haha.
  6. Thanks! Not a clue, and it kinda feels good. I put my faith in @DaveFason this time around. Set his LPS+ preset and never looked back. My Duo has the whites and mints on the same channel and I believe the preset has those peaking at about 20% for 2-3 hours. It’s a mostly blue spectrum, and clearly working. I also made sure to keep the light within his 3-8” off the water suggestion. I think I’m at about 6” from water surface. I may cut the photoperiod by an hour or so as I’m getting some algae again since starting dosing fuel. I’m gonna let it ride a couple more weeks first to see if it self-regulates.
  7. You don’t list an asking price, FYI, just state what you paid. Are you asking full original price?
  8. Thanks! I was hoping for a bit more “minimal” when I started constructing it, but hopefully once this is all grown over it has a nice fullness to it! Will snap a couple tonight!
  9. ....Seductions, Strawberry Wines, Bowsers, and Cat eyes showed up to the Zoa/Paly party today. 🤫
  10. New inhabitant came out of hiding briefly. This guy is pretty cryptic.
  11. Nanoboxreef.com I'm shan0mak on Instagram there’s video there. @DaveFason also has nanoboxreef Instagram with various examples of how beautiful these lights work.
  12. NanoBox Duo. This is under heavy actinic lighting, but the spectrum of the NanoBox is like nothing I’ve seen before. Love it!
  13. Thanks! It's so rewarding getting the detritus up with bare bottom. Loving the ability to see all the junk! Thank you! Owe you an extra nod for the deal on the light. Thanks Sir!
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