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  1. Chamber 1 = inTank Media Rack Chamber 2 = IM MiniMax + Cadlights PLS-50 Elite V2 (requires modification) Chamber 3 = 150w NeoTherm + IM MightyJet Desktop 326gph + XPAqua Duetto ATO Sensor and Fill line I’d argue that this is the absolute best equipment you can have back there currently available.
  2. This is really an amazing piece of tech! Thanks for posting on it. Curious to see someone like BRS run the numbers on costs and ROI vs a more standard approach to testing and adjusting dosing. Your graphs have no scale, so its hard to see how wild the swings are when you brought the trident online. What were the harsher peak to valley swings? Do you think at the height of your tanks success (which most would argue is among the top 1% ever for a nano) you had those same swings occurring? What I'm trying to ask is... is the stability "worth" it. I know that's a loaded question, and excluding cost, is always worth it to the coral. You and everyone else to this point with nice tanks have clearly been successful not using this tech previously, so obviously it's possible. Might this propel these already amazing tanks to a level of color and growth never seen? Or are we already at a diminishing returns point with parameter stability? Thanks again!
  3. Thanks!!! Any orange filter used? Are you pulling them into any editing software and adjusting white balance, saturation and the like? Or are these SOOC? (Straight out of camera)
  4. Shots look great! Can you share your Camera and Light settings used to achieve this? Thanks!
  5. Hey! I have an extra IM MightyJet Desktop 326. The pump is DC controllable, and has 8-9 different flow rates, however, I want to modify to be even lower flow. I see a few viable options for doing this... 1. Cut 3 of 6 impeller blades off. (Or some variation of this) 2. Restrict flow into the pump by blocking off some portion of the intake 3. Restrict flow out of the pump by using a ball valve on the output side of the return line What would you do? I already ordered an inline locline ball valve to try on the output side. It was $10 from BRS and has no permanent effect, so if that works out.. great! But, are any of the other options better? Thanks! Edit to add: There are 3 included barbs for the output line of the pump included, 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4". I am currently using the 5/8" output barb because that fits my flex return line the best, but am considering downsizing to see if that has a noticeable reduction as well.
  6. Nice little setup! I want to do a similar stocking in a pico soon myself! I'll be following. Cheers!
  7. Turns out I got JF Jamba Juice not Fruit Loops last night. I always mix those up. Anyways. I found some fruit loops to grab this week. Here’s a full frontal from tonight. Once the rock cleans up more I’ll try to shift my pics to a bit warmer spectrum. Blues just look better with the algae around.
  8. Theres two little acrylic shelf’s siliconed in chamber one that slice right off with a sharp razor blade and steady hand. The shelf’s hold the filter sock plate and need to be removed for the inTank rack to slide in. They could always be added back later.
  9. Tank tonight with the Tide. Tank looks ok under blues but the duo wins for sure during the midday. Got a new hammer and a new ric and a fruit loop frag.
  10. Tuned up the NanoBox tonight. For myself, and to let a friend barrow it for a couple days to try out the spectrum on his tank. He currently has a Gen2 radion over a bubble tip anemone tank. It’ll be interesting to get his feedback! Anyways, I scored the Mini Tide that was up for sale a couple days ago so I tossed that over the tank. The lower light for 3 days won’t kill anything and maybe it’ll give my snails time to catch up on the algae. Seeing this over my tank makes me so glad I went with the duo! I’m sure this light could sustain my LPS, but the Duo is just a nicer fit. The comparison isn’t completely fair though, as this ride has a diffuser and light spill snoot installed. Eventually I’ll have the Tide over a second tank. Last thing, since the light got downgraded for a few days, I took some time to clear a bunch of algae and will use the lower light as an excuse to fight it back a bit. If it lingers for another week or so maybe I’ll bring the reactor online with a small bit of GFO. Cheers!