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  1. Twinn's Reef a custom 40b

    Sorry, Tank went through a mini crash followed by my camera being dropped. Pics and update coming soon though.
  2. Daves Shallow SPS 35g

    Let me be the first to give a congrats on being picked for NTOM! Your tank has alway been one of my fav's
  3. As the title states when you take pictures of your tanks with a macro lens, do you use a lens hood?
  4. thanks for the input. The tamron 180mm would be a great option but as I stated earlier money is an issue the 180mm is expensive. Anyone else using or used the Tamron 90mm macro lens?
  5. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has this lens and what they think of it for macro shots on their tanks. I have a Canon 3ti and am thinking of getting the Tamron lens over the Canon 100mm just to save some money. Any thoughts?
  6. bump I would like to know too.
  7. Twinn's Reef a custom 40b

    Woke up in the morning to find that my War Coral had fell off a rock and landed on my Acan garden. Took some damage but doesn' look to bad. Being that these were the only corals I have in my tank it does kind of suck though. So I bought two more corals to spread the suckyness out. Yes suckyness is a word look it up. Bought a small Duncan And a Torch As always questions/comments welcome
  8. Twinn's Reef a custom 40b

    New Coral time. Added a Red War Coral with yellow/light greenish eyes.
  9. Twinn's Reef a custom 40b

    Woke up this morning to a dead clown fish . Really disappointed over the whole issue as I tried to do everything right. On a side note my man skills have clearly increased as I caught another black clawed crab tonight.
  10. Twinn's Reef a custom 40b

    Well I thought I did everything right. I bought two clown fish from the same tank at a LFS. One a little bigger then the other and they seemed to be pairing off in my tank, swimming together and occasionally fighting as the larger clownfish started to become the dominant clownfish. I even watched as the smaller clownfish do the little wiggle dance thing. Then I woke up this mornning and saw this. Now the clownfish don't even swim near each other and neither clownfish is eating. Total bummer.
  11. Twinn's Reef a custom 40b

    Finally added some corals, check out the mini acan garden. A close up of Big Red My rusty orange This one is a nice red with blue stripes the baby heads have a nice green in them. On this one the whole outside is a light blue and the inside is a bright red. Finally my purple and green. Took a chance on this one as it looked just brown at the store but I had a feeling it could be good.
  12. Twinn's Reef a custom 40b

    I purchased the lights directly from the manufacture in China. The company is called Eshinesystems. Google it and add the .com will be able to find it. SWC, the company that makes cone skimmers is also selling the light, although at a higher price. I have seen, held and played with the SWC fixture (my LFS sells them) and it is exactly the same as my Eshine fixture. Ordering directly from Eshinesystems saved me a l ot of money.
  13. Twinn's Reef a custom 40b

    Was trying to get a decent photo of the clown fish in my tank when I noticed this. Sorry about the bad pick crab was moving and so was I. grrr stupid Xanthid crab turns out I have around 4 of these buggers in my tank. Trying the shrimp in a glass trick tonight. Anyone else got suggestions. I already tried to hunt (spear) them with a wooden skewer like prehistoric man. Turns out the crabs are fast and I need to work on my man skills. Side note was so mad (read obsessed) about the crab I didn't even get a picture of the clown fish
  14. I am more excited about this tank right now then my own.
  15. Led Options under $500

    The AI are very nice units. The other ones mentioned I have never seen in person so I can't comment on them. This is what I when with. 3 watt Cree LED's that are dimmable, large heat sink and fans. Oh yeah and they cost me half of what the AI units cost. What more info check my build thread.