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  1. Converting a Koralia 12v to standard?

    Would something like this work? http://www.ebay.com/itm/AC-AC-Step-down-Transformer-120VAC-to-12VAC-50-WATT-for-Halogen-Lighting-NEW-/131156365686 I do not know a lot about electricity but this looked promising. http://www.amazon.com/AC-Adapter-CNR-1100-120VAC-CLASS2-TRANSFORMER/dp/B00EJVS490
  2. Converting a Koralia 12v to standard?

    This is what the connector looks like http://imgur.com/xcDTOPx http://imgur.com/3C7X2x2
  3. So I got a free pump from a buddy of who is taking down his tank. Its a brand new Koralia 2 12v. Its a really nice pump but there is no way im buying a controller for it. So does anyone know how I would go about converting it to a straight plug into the wall?
  4. Setting up 55 for a friend

    He was so like an aquaclear 110 then a skimmer and that's good correct.
  5. Setting up 55 for a friend

    How do you figure 50-200 for filtration?
  6. Setting up 55 for a friend

    Like a general basic setup, just to give him a ball park estimate .
  7. So my friends dad wants t set up a 55 gallon aquarium and make it saltwater. I dont believe he wants a reef so that makes it easier. I am going to petco today with them to look at tanks. And I wanted to see what I should tell him for like a minimum price for a fowlr tank. Thanks.
  8. CJ's 55 Gallons of Fun!

    I had a pearly jawfish even though he was small his burrows were SOOO cool. My only concern with the fish was that the jawfish was gonna jump out. but i guess his small body couldnt take the water conditions
  9. CJ's 55 Gallons of Fun!

    thanks am after a few more water changes im going back to my normal supplier and see if I can get another jawfish he was SO cool when I had him.
  10. CJ's 55 Gallons of Fun!

    disaster has hit the 55 gallon. the fish store guy convinced me a boxfish was a perfect addition to my tank so i bought it . The boxfish then proceed to be sucked into a powerhead 3 times passed away in the night and apparently released his poison and killed my firefish and jawfish and of course my peppermint shrimp also died. so now the clown pair have the whole tank to themselves and im not EVER EVER buying a fish again with out researching. I guess I should have consulted with nano-reef crew first. :tears:
  11. CJ's 55 Gallons of Fun!

    Well after a 3 week vacation in hawaii (kona and oahu) my cyano has cleared itself up i guess. so im going to go ahead and move on with fish stocking after a few more water changes to totally stabilize the tank. so in a few weeks you will a harem of anthias... hopefully
  12. CJ's 55 Gallons of Fun!

    Update: CYANO!!! my tank is getting a bad Cyano infestation and im afraid to move forward with any fish purchases till i get it anyone got ideas on a snail/crab to eat it. I Know water changes and manual removal are best but i dont have a steady ro supply so its a hassle.
  13. Pismo's [16g] Shallow SPS tank....

    Why would you have so many tanks in a system woldnt it be better/cooler to have one larger tank to show off?
  14. Pismo's [16g] Shallow SPS tank....

    I dont get it?
  15. CJ's 55 Gallons of Fun!

    UPDATE: my LFS advised me against jawfish for a number of reasons so I decided against getting one till i get a lid also i got 3 blue green cromis which really liven up the tank. now just waiting on funds to come in for my anthias harem. Any one have cheap anthias for sale?