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  1. [__] 7.5 reef

  2. [__] 7.5 reef

    http://s1315.photobucket.com/user/4786623335/media/20140715_202014_zpsdztyvncd.jpg.html'>Just added a pro clear aquatics protein skimmer to the system. This way after I clean the turf scrubber there is something removing excess nutrients from the system while new algae is growing on the turf scrubber screen.
  3. [__] 7.5 reef

    Tank is still doing great latest fts
  4. [__] 7.5 reef

    female harlequin shrimp ther is also 1 tuxedo urchin , 1skunk cleaner shrimp, 2 sexy shrimp, 1 candy cane pistol shrimp, 2 bumblebee shrimp, 2 blue porcelain crabs, 1 anemone porcelin crab , 2 feather dusters 1 rock flower anemone .there is also 1 decent sized mexican turbo snailand various other snails wit a few tiny hermit crabs in the display. The sump houses 1long spine urchin, 1 brittle star , 2 larger hermits and food for the harlequin shrimp. This tank was set up mainly because I wanted something I could have the inverts and not have them hiding all the time.
  5. Thanks Kat I have never seen this behavior from a snapping shrimp before , really interesting. It is not something I would think the pistol would do . All the ones I have seen so far only snapped to move rocks or keep something from entering there tunnel. This one is almost mantis shrimp like in its behavior.
  6. Evolve 8 bommies ~ New fish, with beards~

    If you can find an lfs that deals with ORA they could order them for you . Ora has aquarium raised green banded gobies.
  7. Do you have a picture of this pistol shrimp hosting the anemone you can post ? I have never seen a pistol shrimp do anything but dig tunnels and tolerate gobies.
  8. Tank looks great, I've used masonry drill bits to drill for frag plugs in the past. The holes also work good for adding soft corals like leathers.
  9. [__] 7.5 reef

    added a few new corals and moved things around to make room. Also removed rock from the sand bed and replaced with pvc making a tunnel for the gobies.
  10. shrimps or crab vs. fish waste?

    On the other side of the question ( if there are two sides to the question) my fish will miss alot of the food that is intended for them but the inverts seen to always be looking for food so there isn't much leftover after feeding.
  11. my super low tech reef jarquarium (with diy pj reef)

    Ever thought of adding sexy or bee shrimp to these tanks?
  12. tomiyama goby

    Tried to make the picture better not sure if it helpes any
  13. tomiyama goby

    Ctenogobiops tangaroai is a nice looking gobt wit the bright spots. But mine doesn't have those it is more spoted brown and doesn't have the pointed dorsal fin is rounded. But it may be in the same spesies category as the Ctenogobiops tangaroai. http://www.saltcorner.com/AquariumLibrary/browsegroupspecies.php?GroupID=44 this link has a lot of gibies listed
  14. tomiyama goby

    Picked this up last month and have been trying to identify it the best I can get is a tamiyama goby. It was colected by a south florida collector that sold it to a store I buy from. May have been colected from the caribian islands not real sure of location it came from
  15. First Biotope, simple Caribbean Lagoon

    I shop at a store in vero beach florida that buys from a collector that goes to the caribian . He gets in some great stuff rock flower nems, ricordia , different types of gobies, squat lobsters, yellow headed jaw fish to name a few.