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  1. Hello Everyone, I recently decided to downgrade from my 90 gal to my new Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion 20 gal. Now that I have a nano again, I figured it was about time to come back and say hello. First a little personal history (WARNING this might take a while). I started my first tank about 8 years ago. It was a 28 gal JBJ nano cube, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I immediately started posting for help on this amazing website, and was welcomed with open arms. With that help I created my first thriving reef tank. Now, we all know what happens when you fill up your first tank and find out you need more space. You either add another tank to your arsenal, or you upgrade to a larger one. For me it was both. I proceeded to purchase, and build, a 170 gal monster system. This system consisted of two tanks, one 90 gal located in my bedroom, and one 20 gal located in the kitchen area. Both of these tanks were plumbed through the floor and out to a 60 gal sump in the garage. This system was completely automated with a full Neptune Apex package, automatic water changing system, and automatic skimmer head cleaner. It was my dream system, and it worked perfectly. Everything was growing and happy. In fact, everything started growing way to fast. It was about this time I got the idea to start selling my coral frags, instead of just throwing or giving them away. I decided to go all out and bought three new frag systems along with all the gear, made a website, and started advertising my coral. Everything was going great. I was making money while doing something that I loved to do. However, these good times came to a slow end. I noticed I wasn't enjoying what I was doing anymore. It had turned from a hobby to a job, and it was for that reason I decided to break down all my equipment and go back to my roots. This is where my new Innovative Marine nano comes into play. This tank is my way of starting over and becoming part of the hobby community again. It is my hope that doing this will allow me to not only learn even more about our hobby but also will allow me to help others in the way I was helped when I first started out. Now without further delay the tank: Current FTS 12/25/16 Tank equipment: Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion 20 gal Innovative Marine Desktop Ghost skimmer Innovative Marine Desktop Media Reactor (running carbon) ATI 24" 4 x 24w Sunpower T5 Colbalt Aquatics Neo-Therm 100w Heater Tunze Osmolator Top Off Neptune Systems Apex controller Hydor Koralia Nano (565 GPH) ~15 lb Dry Marco Rock ~10 lb Dry Marco Reef Sand Fish: 1x Occ clownfish 1x Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse 1x Lawnmower Blenny Coral: Nothing yet
  2. Ill take it if you have a few pictures. PM me.
  3. do you know what type of starfish this is? cool picture BTW.
  4. really? what is this
  5. lol at forestp38829. of course we do...... not really lol
  6. lol thats cool
  7. wow very nice
  8. no photoshop all i did was crop the image down
  9. why thank you
  10. thanks
  11. what exactly are they?
  12. s cool ive never seen them open likr that during the day
  13. thats way cool
  14. wow i want one of those