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  1. I was really pleased with the DOF on this photo. Even down to the rocks in front of the coral.
  2. Orange and Green Acanthastrea circa 2005
  3. M5 gone... Had kids. Traded for a '06 Magnum SRT8 straight across. Gotta have room for strollers.
  4. I'll have to check out Redinger. Thanks for the tip. Snaggle, it's a 2006 X-star. Stock tower seeems to be working fine
  5. Watch out for the fuzz.
  6. Vrooom
  7. they will always clog, it's up to the aquarist to keep it clean.
  8. from front
  9. from above
  10. 4gallon nano w/ no rim and beveled edge
  11. The stuff under the tank are supports, it is a rim-less, or, eur0-style tank.
  12. yup, I finally did it.
  13. storage for SW and RODI tanks
  14. 1 big a$$ valonia. This is what will happen if you don't pull them out and let them grow. Better this than 1,000 of them I guess.
  15. Boating in Lake Powell