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  1. What coral is this?

    i had it in a low light area of my tank for the past week and its polyps have not extended in a couple days, i have just moved it to a new part of my tank with more light and more flow to see if it reacts better. As i recall, it did now have any eyes like the example picture.
  2. What coral is this?

    that looks about right. i know its not a monti, and not a mushroom. it is encrusting, and fleshy with little polyps almost. Here is a better picture of what I have. not much better, but maybe a little.
  3. What coral is this?

    I got it from my local fish store, and can't recall what they said it was.
  4. Not sure if this is a desease?

    no, the cowns have been in this tank for 4 years now. i recently (two weeks ago) introduced 2 blue green chromis and one azure damselfish. the two chromis have since died, one in my hospital tank and one in the main tank last week. I now have my clowns in my 10gal treatement tank with cupramine copper treatement. have not been able to catch the damsel fish as it is so skittish.
  5. Not sure if this is a desease?

    could it be something like this, Brooklynella hostilis? guess i need to make a qt tank, how should i go about this? 10 gallon, with air stone/sponge filter, copper treatment?
  6. Brown Jelly Disease?

    double check amonia levels, i had something similiar happen when some stuff got moved around in my fuge.
  7. Clown fish is simming just fine it appears and eating normally. Its spending a good amount of time by these trumpets, so maybe thats the problem. I don't know if this picture shows things well enogh, but it looks like there is some opaque white slime coming off of its side around its pectoral fins. prodomanantly off of one side, but appears on both sides. shold i be worried?
  8. MP-10... Fish killer

    well, glad to see im not completely crazy or horrible at aquatic husbandry. yes, health of fish is imparitive in all situations, and mp10s are still great pumps, but things happen. wonder if there is a way that ecotech could come up with something to both assist and ease water flow into the propellor, and prevent some of the freak incodents. and yes. keepign autocorrect under control is a full time job. there could be a whole forum on those fails. my best is "frekin!" to "foreskin" not sure what my phone was thinking about that one!
  9. MP-10... Fish killer

    there could be some confusion with what i originally posted making it sound like all three happened at once, or near each other, but they didnt all go at once, this has been the total for a year and a half. all paramters are good. corals are all doing good. aside from the cardinal, all fish were eating. i know the cardinal was unhealthy, so i can take the blame on that on poor husbandry. i was hoping it would have started eating the frozen and pellet food that i had, but i guess i should have done some smaller food, or some live food.
  10. MP-10... Fish killer

    freak incodents i guess.
  11. MP-10... Fish killer

    ive watched my blennie pick algea of the grill, so maybe it was just a couple weak fish.
  12. MP-10... Fish killer

    i have it set to 40% on reef crest. my clowns love the flow, for what ever reason, these maybe loved it too much. im not sure of the screen would do anyting because they dont get sucked into the power head, but suctioned on to the side of it.
  13. White/Grey fuzz on rocks

    do you run biopellets?
  14. MP-10... Fish killer

    So my mp10 has now racked up a total of 3 deaths to my tank from fish swimming too close to the intake and getting sucked on to the side. Two blue damsels, and one kauderns cardinal. Anyone else have any problems fo fish getting sucked on the side of thiers? Did you come up with any way to help keep them safe?
  15. make the gopro nuetrally boyant. some of the boyancy will change with depth, but probably not too significant with the depth of a majority of fish tanks.