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  1. Kali's Super Simple Pico

    Happy First Birthday/Anniversary little tank!
  2. Kali's Super Simple Pico

    Tank sitter did an excellent job! Unfortunately I lost the shrimp during a camping trip in July But was able to save one of the anemones for the second or third time. After walking around the tank a few times I'm hoping they stay put for longer then a month.
  3. Kali's Super Simple Pico

    June update: The shrimp is still alive. The crab has disappeared *again*, not sure if its gone-gone or just hiding. The sea slug died, beginning of May. The anemones have been moving around. The original one was stuck to the intake tube on the filter earlier this week, and is now in the front right corner looking very unhappy. FTS/FES June
  4. The Unofficial WalMart Pico Contest

    Sounds good to me. I think if people have maintained their tanks and just couldn't keep up with the pictures or just missed the date or whatever then I'm all for them coming back in. The more the merrier!
  5. The Unofficial WalMart Pico Contest

    Looks like there are still some chugging along! I couldn't find a May FTS/FES so I did what others did and just updated my build thread. Anyone for or against setting up separate FTS/FES thread for May, June & July? I know for me personally the next couple months will be crazy with the summer schedule.
  6. Kali's Super Simple Pico

    May FES: May FTS: Haven't found the time this month to clean the tank and then take pictures so these look pretty rough! On a good note, the halimeda is growing, the pencil cap has 2 sprouts and two of the 3 maxi-mini's haven't moved. One maxi-mini walks up and down the back wall depending on the time of day. The lavendar one has walked up the main rock (towards the back, of course!) which temporarily shaded a lower one. I think the tank needs a wider and less pointy rock for the anemones to be happier. The shrimp and crab are still alive. The slug is not.
  7. Setting up my first sump FAIL

    What pump are you using? My guess is, that its max head (height it can pump water vertically) is lower then 3.5-4'. If you look at Marinedepot.com (just as an example) they have pump comparisons that show the max head for various pumps listed by manufacturer. A link I've found helpful for sump info: http://www.melevsreef.com/what_sump.html
  8. Accuracy of salinity testers

    Better to use RO water or tap water to calibrate. I have a bottle of calibration fluid that was sold as 35ppt, and when brand new gave an accurate 35ppt. After using half a bottle it now reads around 45ppt.
  9. 10G sump/refugium blue print requested

    Not that I've actually done this yet, but I've been partial to a three part sump that has the fuge section to one side and is fed by a T off the return pump. Like this pic from melev's reef: http://www.melevsreef.com/return.jpg Seems like you'd have better control over how much flow goes through your fuge this way. If need be, you could use a small pump to pull from the return section, into the fuge area instead of relying only on your return pump.
  10. what is the BEST light timer?

    I'd get an analog appliance timer. I have a few that have seen 3-10+ years and are still going strong. The next best "timer" would be a controller I'd definitely steer clear of the christmas light timers.
  11. You know you have a pico when..

    When you can take your tank to the sitter, and not have the tank sitter come to it.
  12. The Unofficial Walmart Pico Contest

    FES: FTS: If you squint, you can just make out the sexy shrimp on the foot of the top most maxi-mini.
  13. DIY reactor/filter

    I tripped over this link from DramaticAquascapes.com last week. Using an empty 8 oz parmesan container, a 80-100 gph pump from a desktop fountain and a unibit I made this: I filled it with some floss and a bag of GFO and it seems to be working "okay". When I pulled it this morning to take a picture I noticed that the floss had packed around the top of the pump and was restricting flow. I think it would work better if I had a proper sponge that would sit off the top of the pump. Any suggestions on where to find one? Once upon a time, I had a plastic-y one (2"x2"x4"), that might work, but I don't know where to find some similar and the old one is MIA. I think cutting a perfect circle might be difficult so I've been eyeing up the salad dressing bottles as a "slim-line" version of this.
  14. Our Wal-Mart Pico contest entry thread

    Wow! Congratulations!
  15. Micro-Reefs LLC

    Please share!