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  1. jdl's 20

    been a while since of been on let alone posted anything.... ive added some chaetomorpha in the ac70. along with it came some mini brittle stars, asternia starfish, tons of pods, collonista snails, sponges, pest anemones, a clear flatworm, and some other hitch hikers that ive yet to id. ive also added an emerald crab, camel shrimp, another snail, and a yellow watchman goby. everything is looking good in the tank. some coralline algae has started to pop up all over my live rock. ive been looking into par38 fixtures somewhat seriously now and an additional bulb as well. i have evils original nanotuners par38 which i hear is now no longer available. what is everybody into these days as far as par bulbs? ive seen some that look pretty amazing and pricey as well. i dont think i need a 12 led bulb leaning towards one of the seven led types. ill post some pics as soon as i can get a few that are good.
  2. Ricordea Florida FS

    im interested, but need some more time for water chem, and lighting replacement. ill pm you when i am ready and see if you have more. gonna need some macro too. what is the chance of just meeting up in person, since we are pretty close?
  3. jdl's 20

    So my pico has been down for some time now, kinda took a hiatus from the hobby... A friend of mine asked me to take his 20 from him at no charge. He has had this tank running for over 6 years. Not running very well though. so the list of what i recieved is as follows. -20g high i think -2 crappy hob filters that have never been cleaned -cheap 50w heater -totally corroded and covered in creep marineland 24x2 watt t5ho. bulbs were never changed and now cant be so pretty worthless -20lbs live sand livestock -blue legged hermit crab (1) -clownfish (percula i think) -blue tang (going to a better home) -babylonian snail or whelk no live rock came with the tank, except for a few pea sized chunks in the substrate. ive since added 20lbs of live rock, koralia 750, ac70 modded, coralife 18x2 pc, moonlight, another 50w heater, filter floss, chemi pure elite, 8 blue leg hermits, and a handful of snails. the babylonian has eaten 3 of the smaller snails, i did not realize what it was and what it ate... im giving the tang to a friend who has a 90g reef. the clown seems fine and is prob gonna stay. im gonna keep the babylonian as well. the thing has been in the tank for over 5 years, and it looks really cool. for now im trying to clean up, stabilize, and maintain a healthy water chemistry until i add any more livestock. i plan on using some sort of led setup for lighting, leaning towards multiple par38 bulbs since i already have one. upgrading to a 100w heater prob the titanium. the sg when i got it was way below averages, so ive slowly brought up the sg with small water changes. i want to keep this tank as simple as possible. basically have a 20g version of my pico if possible. the fish when i received them were not in good shape at all. since ive added all the upgrades, their health has rebounded significantly. i thought the tang was dead when i got the tank, and now it is swimming well, has good color, eating, and seems to be slowly healing from whatever was going wrong with it. i have very little experience with fish, so when the tang goes i will replace with a small goby of sorts and stick to inverts. so hopefully things will work out, im going to take this slowly and try to do it correctly. here is a fts of what im currently working with. stay tuned for more changes, thanks for reading. it feels good to be back. tang police are already on the way...
  4. jdl's pico

    no more pico 2.0..... a friend of mine gave me his 20 high. it has been running for over six years with a clownfish and blue tang.... dont worry tang police are on the way. im getting rid of the tang and putting it in my buddies 90g reef. ive added 20+ lbs of live rock. small cuc (more will be added soon). for now ive got 3 hob filters for flow and media storage. eventually gonna get rid of filters and add power head, better heater, lighting, etc. ive got several ideas for this tank. this is gonna be the end of the pico thread. look for my new thread in the members tanks forum.
  5. Mr. Microscope's Cube 2.1

    wow micro i see you stepped your game up!! tank looks amazing.
  6. jdl's pico

    pico has been gone for about 4 months now..... it was a great run, but more important things in my life had been going on. stay tuned for round 2. im cleaning all my equipment as we speak, the new pico 2.0 should be up and running after i get back from vacation in the keys!!
  7. Newman's Picotope

    wow man your tank is looking amazing!! keep it up
  8. Mr. Microscope's Cube 2.1

    wow congrats on both your new tank and micro jr.!!
  9. jdl's pico

    everything still doing good
  10. PArIsHIlToN 5G PIcO tANk MiXEd REeF

    sorry for your loss, one of the best picos ever. hope you and your family are safe
  11. that monti cap is sweet! nice tank
  12. jdl's pico

    pico is now two years old. thank you everyone for your appreciations and criticisms. here are some pics that i took this morning. sad to say my emerald passed away a couple days ago. shrimp, astrea, and hermit are all doing fine.
  13. jdl's pico

    no i have to cut off the point and barb, but i leave a little piece of the bend on. the fish will stay on until they break the surface and throw the fly/lure. ive been training the tarpon, redfish, and bass to eat out of my hand. ill try to get a video of it when i do the next demo.
  14. jdl's pico

    pico still doing great. pics will be put up in a few days. ive started working part time @ bass pro shops while in school. part of my job includes doing demos and feedings for our 30,000 gallon freshwater fish only tank. tank has a few too many fish imo, but corp doesnt want to hear it. largemouth bass, bluegill, bowfin, gar (florida and longnose), eels, catfish, tarpon and red drum all inhabit the tank. im trying to work out a deal to take over the maintenance and cleaning, but it may be a conflict of interest. ill post some pics of the pump room and tank after the picos pics. oh yeah the best part about the bass pro tank is i get to fish it whenever i want....no points or barbs on the hooks obviously.
  15. Mr. Microscope's Roughneck Frag Tub

    wow man that is pretty sweet! cant wait to see the new tank