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  1. Gulf's ever evolving nano party mix tape!

    Cool - seahorse !
  2. Arkayology's Rimless 40g

    Thanks Ark - I'll give it a try this week!!
  3. Arkayology's Rimless 40g

    Ark - when you set back up your Radions can you post your fusion schedule or code? Or if you remember it I don't know if it in this thread - 150 pages .. I am still struggling on trying to find a good schedule / before fusion I ran the Radion program off RC had it peaking @ 60% everything seem to grow and look good although I was vinegar dosing back then too.
  4. Thanks Ark - my son is doing awesome.
  5. Unfortunately I lost most of SPS due my son coming 3 weeks early and I stopped dosing vinegar / vodka. So by the time I got around to checking the tank i had to do a couple of WC and use GFO to try to control the parameters. All my LPS made it but my SPS took a big hit. All I have left right now is a green slimmer / PC super man hanging on / RMF biohazard / ORA Oregan Tort / BC Shawn Bennit Yellow tort and Tyree Pink lemonade. Rain drops over rose Milli was an awesome piece was already encrusted on the middle pedistol. I would not hesitate to buy this piece again from Adam. Once everything stabilizes again I'll be placing another order / plus need to buy a real camera too and stop using my iPhone / really didn't do my tank justice with some of the picture.
  6. mpsti05 - would you mind posting a snap shot of your fusion program or the line codes ? I am planning to finally attach my radion to my wxm. I've had my mp 10 attached already and running for the last 6 months so I hope I don't mess up my mp 10 program will updating my wxm and attaching the radion.
  7. And late June I place an order with a fellow reefer from Reef Raft (live sale): Reef Raft Pink Sapphire: Reef Raft - Rose Milli: Reef Raft - Nuclear Superman: Reef Raft - Orange Beam: Reef Raft - Deviant / RR Pink Sapphire: Reef Raft - Deviant / RR - Pink Sapphire / RR - Rose Milli / RR - Orange Lemonade:
  8. In early June - I place an order with a fellow reefer from Rocky Mountain Frags: Joker Favia: Reef Raft Bonsai Efflo: Ultimatefrags Rainbow Arco: Tyree War Favia: Tyree Kaleidoscope Favia: Dazed And Confused Favia:
  9. OK - first off sorry (wish I really had more time to give this thread a proper update) it's been all summer and I have not updated this thread . I received my Aquabox dosing container back in early June and must say the build quality is awesome and no issue with losing siphon / 100 times better than the BM dosing containers. Also - updated my Radion G2 with the TIR Wide Angle lens. Wow what a difference and no more hot spots in the center of the tank from cranking up the intensity of the light and corals on the edge of the tank are showing way better color. Though it's probably a combination of the light and dosing zeovit . About mid-June - I started dosing Zeovit Nano Power Pack (love this stuff ): And my Dosing Schedule (per NanoTopia) : Monday: 2 drops CV Tuesday: 2 drops SP 0.25mL AALPS Wednesday: 1mL Xtra (regular) 2.5mL MB7 2mL Coral Snow (recently added in mid-July) Thursday: 2 drops SP 2 drops CV Friday: Nothing Saturday: 2 drops SP 0.25mL AALPS Sunday: 1mL Xtra (regular) Water Change 2.5ml MB 7 2mL Coral Snow (recently added in mid-July)
  10. Hand Me Down Nano Cube 6G - Rehabilitation

    May want to get an ATO to keep the evaporation down and parameters stable. Here a quick and cheap DIY hamster bottle ATO. http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/276913-help-w-gravity-ato-solved/
  11. Sweet find ! I have always like the bigger Solana tanks / can't wait to see this up and running..
  12. Sps dominated cube tank

    Wow !!! Great build so far!!! So how do you like the Prodibio ? Have you used it before? I was think of switching out from dosing Vinegar for the Prodibio BioDigest and Bioptim. According to the instructions you dose every 15 days.
  13. Korallen-Zucht ZEOvit Nano Thread

    I'll email him back and put in a good word for you. Not sure if that will help or not ? But shoot it can't hurt. Heck I just might be putting myself on his black list email too!!!
  14. Korallen-Zucht ZEOvit Nano Thread

    Thanks NanoTopia!!! Going to get the BB and PIF a try at 1 cube and see how long it actually last in the sump. So far I am impressed with the KZ supplements and I cant see this cube thing being a bust (only time will tell) / maybe Thomas Phol will make Xtra Special in a cube too!! Really - i just got an email from him earlier today. Had a question on how to place an order on the zeovit website / and if they take paypal. PS they do. But shipping and customs is PITA to the states!!
  15. Is an Apex right for me?

    +1 - And it does. I love how easy this was to set up with Fusion.