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  1. Arduino collection - lots of stuff

    Thought would have gone quickly...... $50 shipped !
  2. I am selling off the very last of my items after getting out of the hobby over a year ago. I really thought I was going to find time to mess around with this stuff but that will not happen so I am selling it all. A lot of these items are from LED/controller projects that I was working and can be found under my profile. I am asking $75 shipped via paypal as there is A LOT of stuff. See pictures. If you have questions on specifics zooming in on the picture may help. If that doesn't answer your question let me know.
  3. I know someone out there needs a RO/DI setup of there own. now asking $150
  4. BRS 5 stage RO with SpectraPure MaxCap D2 Dual-Stage DI and BRS drinking water system Membrane upgraded to Spectrapure Labgrade UHR 90GPD 2 inline TDS meters Built in pressure gauge RO membrane flush kit DIs are at about half life RO membrane is in good shape and is flushed regularly. All new RO filters (sediment and carbon blocks) in box ready to be changed Fully plumbed for Drinking / DI water separation http://www.bulkreefs...stem-75gpd.html http://spectrapure.c...I-System-Add-On http://www.bulkreefs...faucet-kit.html Got out of the hobby about a year ago and keep this for drinking water. But moving to new house and do not want to reinstall it. Located in Malvern, 19355. Not looking to ship Asking 200.00
  5. SOLD! I am selling my canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens. The lens is in very good shape. More info can be found here. http://www.bhphotovi..._USM_Macro.html 350 - shipped One of my last tank related items
  6. both. I havent run it for a long time and not sure if you want a 50. my understading is that the 50 and the 70 are basically the same size just that the 70 is deeper front the back. the heater would have to be small in either case
  7. I may have a 50 with media basket if the pump works?
  8. Very advance setup breakdown. I never thought I would be doing this in a thousand years but a baby + career focus + first house looking = time to take a break from the hobby. I am offering this as a package at first to see if anyone wants it. Please do not post what you want if I decide to break it apart on this thread as I will start a separate thread for that. The package includes pretty much every salt water piece of equipment that I have including all the extra reactors, parts, supplies, etc. The only item I am not including is my RO/DI system. This system is fully automated. Heating / Cooling, Flow, Lighting, top off is all controlled by the apex system. This setup was a heavy SPS system and it was extremely successful at it. Livestock is not included at this time but may be added. This was a 100% pest free system. Only issues were hair algae. There is much more included then what is even in this list. This is what is currently running plus what I can think of. Local only for this package. Zip is 19355 Biocube 29 with Biocube stand Neptune Apex Lite Additional energy bar 8 NIB PH probe NIB Wireless network bridge for the apex Avast marine top off kit for the apex (NIB) 2.5 gallon top off container with aqualifter pump 12v DC wall adapter for Apex (allows the apex unit to know there is a power failure) Large UPS battery system (can run the tank for about 3-5 hours depending what is on. Automated via Apex) Two Ecotech vortechs MP10W ES Heaters 4 water cooling fans (2 in hood and 2 on the sump) New Custom 4 channel LED setup (much research and time put into this) C1 - 12 NW 4500k CREE C2 - 12 RB @ 455nm CREE C3 - 4 Hyper Violet @ 405nm & 4 True Violet @ 430nm LED Group Buy C4 – 3 Red @ 660nm & 3 Blue @ 475nm & 3 turquoise @ 500nm LED Group Buy Removable LED diffuser 4 inventronics 700ma drivers in a custom case LED Group Buy 4 channel dimming module LifeReef Nano overflow with extra u-tubes Eshopss 75 sump About 20 filter socks Bubble magus NAC 3.5 skimmer Custom Avast Marine MR5 Recirculating Biopellet external reactor (Sicce Synca 1.0 powered) Custom Avast Marine MR5 GFO reactor MJ 1200 powered Mag5 return pump with manifold to feed biopellet reactor or can change out fittings for other reactors. MJ 1200 BC29 flow pump (system designed to be separated from sump for long power outages (think Sandy) at the touch of a button) 2 BRS (Bulk Reek Supply) 1.1ml dosing pumps (1 NIB) At least 2 BRS (Bulk Reef Supply Reactors) 20 gallon DI reserve container fully plumbed. Hanna Alk and Phosphate testers with NIB testing solutions for both Other salifert testing kits (all non expired) Refractometer with proper calibration fluid BRS 2 part dosing kit with remaining media. (everything including, jugs, measuring cups, etc) Full BRS 2 part dosing refill kit (NIB) Numerous 500ml ZeoFit additives (most at 50% or more) Fragging tools (complete kit) Ecotech coral glue (50% remaining) Coral RX Large bottle (at least 50% remaining) Numerous small containers for fragging, acclimating, and dipping Water change buckets with heaters and MJ pumps and tubing Greater then 50% bucket of Red Sea Pro salt bucket Lots of high-end food (coral food, pellets, frozen, seaweed) Boxes off of other good crap (pumps, filters, plumping parts, etc) Now I always look at complete package prices and laugh mostly because the seller thinks they can make some of their money back. I spent a large amount of time looking at used prices for the hardware that I am offering and the package price I came up with is a HUGE discount over a part out at current used prices (Apex system plus vortechs is about 1000 used currently). I would rather part out as I can make more $ BUT I spent so much time planning and putting together this system I would love for someone to take it all and enjoy it as much as I have. So I will leave it as a package for a while. Price – $1800 takes EVERYTHING Please feel free to ask questions and come and see it. older videos of the system (iphone cant deal with the LEDs)
  9. Tired of cleaning nasty filter socks in your sump?

    very interesting idea..... How often are you changing the filter floss?
  10. Official Mandarin and Dragonet Show off thread

    over 3 years old now. older image but one of my best