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  1. ^ I love it when someone post anonymously
  2. just for the record I was never upset... I was just stating the obvious and being a somewhat of an a$$
  3. no flow and no heater = death real quick. Is that the experiment? how long they can live without flow and heat?
  4. must be photoshop ;-)
  5. really nice. what is it?
  6. Awesome. What is the light source?
  7. crabs = crazy
  8. The ones I had never inked either. This is even with me picking them up numerous times to moving them around the tank to help them "focus"
  9. They really are great little creatures. Just be careful as they can starve very quickly. Also easily the dumbest thing ever in my tank
  10. Are you sure those are Goniopora? https://picasaweb.google.com/jfarabaugh/FishTank#5557445000287934370
  11. yes. I am a jerk. Thank you for sharing the photo. I would be interested in seeing it with better focus.
  12. It is a photo contest....The entire picture is 100% out of focus
  13. I was a jerk