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  1. This looks like a nice little tank. I wouldn't add more fish to it though.
  2. I'm now using this plug for an LED light on a 5g freshwater planted shrimp aquarium. Still working great. Very easy to use.
  3. So, I bought a new tank today. It's a 5g fluval spec v that i'm going to make into a freshwater tank with some cherry shrimp. It's not a reef, but it will scratch that itch while I wait to get another
  4. I bought a portable air conditioner that I can wheel around. The exhaust outlet fits into the window so install is very easy. The bonus is that the unit also is a heater and dehumidifier. I got an expensive one refurbed for a very reasonable price. Maybe try that?
  5. Are the Ph and ORP probes stored with the cap to keep them wet?
  6. I've gotten a few pm's asking where I am. I'm in Peru again and will be returning to the US soon to start writing my dissertation and get out of grad school by June 2018. Hopefully, I can start planning a new tank build in Fall 2018. I miss having a reef tank in my life.
  7. Sorry about Bogi. Fostering sounds like a nice thing to do.