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  1. I'm going to ditch the teeth and go for a media basket on the final outflow stage - just haven't redesigned the CAD files on that one yet. You can't contain nerite snails anyway ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Itโ€™s not very budget conscious for sure. The aluminum, plus machining for the internal anchors, plus connectors, plus tax and shipping clocked in north of $600. But the stand and tank are the least likely to change over time so might as well get the right stuff from the get go.
  3. Finally some progress. I haven't finished any of the wood nor installed the hinges yet, but doing a nice form fit check All the panels are removable (and will come off for finishing). Using #316 stainless 3/4โ€ #6 screws and 316 stainless flanged finish washers with the 80/20 90 brackets.
  4. Some work. First up, the stain. I'm settling for this slightly uncouth combo. Its a stain coat of General Finishes Georgian Cherry Gel stain, and with a layer of Minwax Polyshades Bombay Mahogany on top. Its a tinted polyurethane, which adds a ton of pigment which the birch just doesn't absorb. I want something dark. The left is the layered, but still wet and not smooth look. Also, the 8020 is almost assembled:
  5. Fit check Cleaned the board to prep for sealing and staining
  6. Thanks! In terms of skills, Iโ€™m pretty low on the woodworking side and mostly making things up as I go along, so all of this is very much appreciated! Birch is definitely very closed grain in spots but soaks up the stain in pockets. This is normal brush on stain, not the rub on gelled stuff. The main driver for birch is having a vaguely similar grain between boards and veneered plywood (even though the veneer cut is obviously spiraled). Ill look into the poly coatings. I donโ€™t have a sprayer or a compressor which could really handle one so probably going to have to go brush on.
  7. Wood! I edge glued two 1x8 birch boards to serve as the base for the aquarium on top of the 8020 frame. I'll need to make another saw cut to get it back to 12"x36". After some light planing and sanding on the top surface. I still need to plane out the bottom surface. This is mostly using an orbital sander and powered hand planer (so not ideal since its not very wide) I'm also testing stains. The bulk of the stain here is the "Red Mahogany" color. I'm also testing sealing and not sealing the wood to avoid splotchiness with the stain. The other colors are red chestnut and jacobean (both only one coat).
  8. Had a nice tip to Kauai, so time to kick this project into gear... by ordering far too much aluminum to hold up a car
  9. Final power is about 50W at 1A, since the SemiLEDs have a lower than worst case Vf (turns out I had a better than expected bin!), this can vary by LED loadout. Shoot me a DM somewhere as we're all still experimenting with the exact reflector and layout.
  10. Tank is 12", mounting height probably around 8" (though still TBD), I'm looking at 20" _total_ to below the sandbed. 500mA is probably a good starting point, as I haven't done any PAR numbers on the new setup yet. The light puck looks like this: and at 40mA
  11. Yes, though due to the small depth and 12" width will likely add barn doors in the enclosure to prevent light spilling out on the floor. Also under-drive to not cook everything ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Agree. Slim will be much nicer, but do need to pay attention to noise as blowers are less flow, more pressure, and more noise over axial fans. R&D!
  13. Light concept 1. I may flatten these and switch to a blower-type fan to reduce height. The standard 80mm fan and 3.5" HSUSA extrusion is a bit... tall. Note that the lights would be boxed in, likely in black acrylic. --- Light concept two, blowers mounted behind the heatsink. Much slimmer. None of this mechanically works yet, will sort that out soon ๐Ÿ™‚ --- And proof I'm not totally inept at woodworking, care of the Soss 101 Hinge Router Template:
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