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  1. On further inspection (e.g. I bought one and looked at it), the Tunze 9004 expects to discharge out of the bottom. I can either cut holes into the body to let it discharge, or just raise it up. I've made a small tweak to further increase the water level in the sump to accommodate this.
  2. A concept for the sump: Inside the sump is (very rough) model of a Tunze DOC 9004 Skimmer, and a holder for a 4" sock plus two piping or heater holders for 1" Sch80. The two red boxes are modeling two Sicce Syncra 1.5 pumps (though I am planning to use 1.0/0.5). Also, I re-did the stand tubing to have 6 points of contact to the ground instead of four corners.
  3. Currently musing using hinged doors on the front. Looks something like this: This is using 3/4" ( "1 inch" - who came up with lumber dimensions its maddening) board on the frame. The sides will likely retain plywood. The door is made of a 3/4" (.703" ) plywood sheet - likely birch. The hinges are Soss 101: As the doors are heavy I may need to go to 3 hinges. They can fold back 180 degrees and have zero protrusion on either side of the wood, but require me to be somewhat skilled with a router.
  4. Started some modeling I'd like the facing wood to be flush with the glass, hence everything is inset by 1/4" - I'd also like to not show the end of a plywood sheet on top, though I may opt for a joined piece of board instead of plywood to have a contiguous surface on top for the glass edge. The left side is for electrical and plugs, and the right 24" is for the sump. The top shelf is for housing containers for ATO water and two part. I haven't modeled the facing, doors, and hinges, nor the connectors except for one.
  5. I'm trying settle on an equipment list for the core hardware.Currently thinking:Mechanical filtration:I really like the idea of trying to provision a space for a Rollermat-like device. Still digging.Skimmer:Tunze Comline 9004 DC PumpReturn pump:Sicce Syncra Silent 0.5 (x2 into the same manifold, or different returns? hmmmm)Heater:Eheim Jaegar / whatever I have around
  6. Custom, acrylic. I'm probably going to try to keep the sump to a 12x24 footprint, so I can build a 12" electrical side box seperate from all the water under the stand. I haven't selected a skimmer yet, which will dictate the actual sizing of the sump sections, but would also like to keep a refuge down there (and a pony and a unicorn). I'm trying to stretch goal into a getting a mini-rollermat as the return, or a DIY/built-in solution to that. Haven't dug through all the possibilities yet.
  7. Every build requires a tank.
  8. First up is planning the overflow. I'd like to push all connectors to the back, including pumps, as both sides are visible easily. I'm thinking of an inside overflow box, coupled with two 3/4" bulkheads to an external box containing the standpipe. In this example, the gasket would actually be sitting at the coupling of the two boxes at the glass layer. The box is planned to be made from .177" laser-cut cast acrylic. External box is not yet modeled.
  9. theatrus

    Luxeon led differences

    Mainly footprint, along with maximum drive. The Rebel is a classic shape from Lumileds, and the ES is their new technology in the same mounting. The C is a smaller 2x2mm dome. The SunPlus, as far as I can tell, is a re-branded Luxeon C (and not even a CZ). As for Violet, your highest efficiency can be the Seoul Viosys line if you're looking for sub-400nm. Luxeon UV or SemiLEDs are other options. The layout looks nice.
  10. Hi! I've been staring at this for far too long Its a poorly neglected planted tank - it overgrows to the point where its just green against the glass, and then I go do a horrific pruning job ripping out a metric ton of java ferns. The above tank state is just after ripping out a bunch of stuff, the roots don't normally show o_O The stand matches absolutely nothing in the house, and its a particle board monster that is about 25 years old and somehow hasn't crumbled into a heap of dust. The 20H tank was replaced at some point because the similarly 25 year old AGA tank rim split and started leaking. I never was good at planted tanks, so, as I realized all I have left is one cory and some shrimp, its time to rebuild this into a proper mini (is ~20g even nano anymore?) reef. Constraints and wishes: Its in a walkway, so tank can't be more than 12" deep. I have up to 50" of width to play with I want something low and shallow I need to automate everything - ATO, dosers, etc. Lots of DIY will be had. I want to uplevel my tank hardware building in time for a replacement of my 12 year old 90gallon tank (going 130-200g there), so practice in stand and finishing work. Nothing is purchased yet thoughts are as follows: Tank: Mr Aqua/Aquamaxx 22g Long Low Iron Glass Tank will need to be drilled. Overflow design TBD (though I'd love thoughts) Stand: Framed using 8020 profile (25mm?), finished with plywood sheets stained as appropriate. Sump: Custom acrylic. I've built a custom sump for my 90g - no real issues doing that again at a smaller scale. Depending on sizing, I may elect to go skimmerless in this tank. Thoughts, suggestions, well-wishing, are all welcome.
  11. theatrus

    reef-pi 1.0 released

    Just as I was looking at hacking this up myself, here it is. And the base code is in Go, which is even better. Will be keeping my eye on this.
  12. theatrus

    Where are my LED Guru's at?

    With a tank that size you're going to want at least two deep, probably three depending on how you place corals / rockwork (peninsula tank, etc).
  13. theatrus

    Vortec MP10 Settings...

    I keep mine in reef crest. Nice pulsing flow. Lagoon mode might be better if you need consistent flow.
  14. Possible valonia, aka bubble algae. http://www.google.com/images?client=ubuntu...351&bih=866 It can get invasive - I'd suggest manual removal of all the bubbles you find outside of your tank water.
  15. theatrus

    Low maintenance setup?

    You'd be fine with an NO "standard fish light" bulb. You can get a 10K or similar bulb for those (since more blue seems to evoke "saltwater"). Obviously no photosynthetic inverts with that setup.