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  1. Barton's 20g new SPS

    Thanks. I'm having slight algae problems but have a bottle of Vibrant on the way, so i'll see how that works I don't want to change up the feeding and light schedule because everything seems so happy.
  2. Barton's 20g new SPS

  3. Barton's 20g new SPS

    Love how all the colors are really starting to pop.
  4. Barton's 20g new SPS

  5. Spider web on glass

    Whoa! Strange!!!
  6. Over the edge

    Looking good! Love the sump area.
  7. DIY frag setup

    Looking to start a small frag grow out tank. Not lookin. For anything too complicated or expensive. I have a 4 bulb T5 fixture already just need new bulbs. Could I get away with just a HOB Filter and a wavepump? I have a Jebao SW-2 I’m not using. I’ll go barebotttom and have some rubble in it from my current sump. Just really need a tank/ or a useable container. What would everyone suggest?
  8. Barton's 20g new SPS

  9. Barton's 20g new SPS

    Skimmer pump took a dump last night 🙄 have a new one enroute. Might post a quick video in a bit
  10. Wet/dry vac for WC?

    Anyone ever used a wet/dry vac for water changes? I’d like to suck some gunk outta my sump but I can create a siphon since it’s so low. I have a shop vac that hooks onto a five gallon bucket that I’d like to try. I’d rinse it out after to prevent salt deterioration in the internal components
  11. Barton's 20g new SPS

    Got rid of my BTA. Got tired of it taking up precious rock work real estate lol
  12. Barton's 20g new SPS

    Oh yeah I traded my BtA. Couldn’t handle it being in the way and taking up precious rock work lol
  13. Barton's 20g new SPS

    Thanks. I guess I’ve hit the sweet spot because everything is growing so fast now. Might need to start dosing soon. My rainbow Acan has popped or at least 5 new heads I can see
  14. Hammer not looking well

    Maybe it’s just pissed. Give it a few days to see if it’s gets better
  15. Hammer not looking well

    Hit it with a turkey vaster and see if any brown goo comes off