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  1. Indeed it's aiptasia
  2. So I just remembered my old account info. @Christopher Marks is there anyway I can take over this post or not?
  3. i have always grown triops from those little egg packs hahaha ive actually bred them successfully
  4. Not an aussie hammer! its a Bubble Coral
  5. nice pic
  6. Thanks.
  7. Hes watching you
  8. looks to me like a Sonic boom with some plane shopped into the pic
  9. He has some weird fixation for teen male virgins
  10. This guy is a troll. That's the only logical explanantion
  11. Nobody else comment on this pic.
  12. #### you. I'm a college student. Kinda. I'm accepted to texas a&m and in collge classes now. What a dumb bitch
  13. And he is illiterate!!
  14. Well if you would just shut the #### up I wouldn't have gone that far. And why do you keep saying the same thing over and over