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  1. Shuttlecocks in tank

    I've tried using the search, but i don't even know how to describe it, let alone search for it. today, i looked into my tank and saw a handful of what looked kind of like little shuttlecocks in one of the corners. i wiped them away with the glass scraper to see what would happen, and they started swimming. the motion was kind of like how jelly fish swim. does anyone know what this is? not much of a description, but it's all i could come up with. Thanks.
  2. had a 55g done with tap water, no skimmer, and rarely done water changes. cyano was a #####! i've since broken it down. also had a 10gal done with tap water, no skimmer, but changed the water once a week. never had a problem. zoas and rics, grew just fine. starting over with a fluval edge now, using water from the lfs. we'll see how that one works out. i think water changes are the key.
  3. Ugly Corals to YOU

    i must be the only one in the world that can't get GSP to grow! oh well... i hate leathers and SPS
  4. Building a stand on wheels

    well, i guess the best part of it is that i'm on a slab, so there's really no place for the tank to "fall to." i already have the tank setup in my foyer area. it's the first thing that you see when you walk through my front door. the problem: i NEVER walk through my front door. i use the side door from the garage. so, the tank gets no "use." i figured that i could put it in the kitchen, that way it could always be seen.
  5. i have a 55gal tank. the standard 4' tank. i am thinking of building a stank and canopy for the tank. the problem is, i want to put the tank in my kitchen, which won't be a problem until it's time for me to get some new furniture, washer/dryer, etc (which i'm not planning on). basically, i would have to move the tank. what i've been thinking of is putting the stand on wheels. can anyone think of any issues that i may run into? would the weight of the tank be too much for the wheels (casters) to support? of course if there was a need to move the tank, i would partially empty it instead of trying to move a totally full tank. thank you in advance for any tips or suggestions.