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  1. fcruz420

    Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    Wow nice tanks everyone....
  2. fcruz420

    FS: Aquapod 24g+stand: $60 Local pickup only.

    PM sent. Where are you located?
  3. fcruz420

    My 5.5 AIO

    nice tank. I'm planning a 10g AIO, but trying to figure out how to cut/install the false wall. PM sent
  4. Hello All, I'm looking for a Peninsula style build, 1-2 baffles and hole for pump. I would love to DIY it, but don’t have much power tools. I would like the wall to be something along the lines of Sandeep's or Lalani's picos. Please PM me if interested.
  5. fcruz420

    picod's Fluval Edge thread

    Glad to see your tank looking full of awesome-ness lol. I took apart mine due to the same obstacles your having. I've been thinking of starting up a 20L or something smaller with a nice open access top lol. Once again congrats and im happy to see everything working well for ya =)
  6. fcruz420

    Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    Not I. it states some sort of bracket can be installed and i guess it can go on top of filter or somewhere lol
  7. fcruz420

    Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    Here goes the chiller i was talking about, but im looking for one that a little on the pockets!!!! Nano Chiller
  8. fcruz420


    PM sent. Would you happen to have any of these packs left?
  9. fcruz420

    Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    Well you're still a fluval owner, just not keeping a reef in one. Im just happy you didnt throw in the towel and we still have another reef thriving out in the world
  10. fcruz420

    Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    Welcome Taktix1. Im happy you have the fluval, but would have been even happier if you had it SW 1. The bottom of the impeller has a black movable piece that once positioned correctly will make the filter sturdy. I use the floss with a carbon bag in my filter cage, but its SW. 2. You can get a thermometer to test temps or just an adjustable heater. 3. MR11 leds can be found on amazon, google, etc... I hope this helps ya and I also hope to see a SW tank soon
  11. fcruz420

    Fluval Edge Tank Thread

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo...... LoL I hear ya on moving it. I found a small sort of chiller attachment but im still reviewing before I post it up.
  12. fcruz420

    Chrome Tang's Edge

    Welcome to NR. Check my sig and if you would like please see what others did and please add your tank info as well.
  13. fcruz420

    picod's Fluval Edge thread

    Your Goby loves the camera. how was the frag swap? i cant wait to see the additions lol
  14. fcruz420

    Fred's Fluval Pico Reef

    Right now im sticking with the T5 as the lighting is awesome.
  15. fcruz420

    Opaque's Pico-tank

    cool tank. Welcome and i cant wait to see the progress.