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  1. Breakdown SALE MAME NanoBox etc PRCE DROP!

    What nanobox model?
  2. WTB: Reef Equipment in Miami Florida

    Im selling 3 skimmers: Aquamaxx C0-1 Aquamaxx HOB-1 Aquac remora hob Also have 2 toms aqualifters, chinese LED, 10 gal acrylic frag tank with built in overflow (has scratches needs to be buffed), few other things. pm me. Im in Broward.
  3. Rimless Show Off

    GL with the setup!
  4. Aquamaxx Hob-1 for sale

    $110 shipped? Damn man, thats a steal and a half. MD sells for $230. GLWS, it wont last long!
  5. Good Starting Place 30L?

    IMO, its a great first tank. Thats a nice starter package. Can I ask the listing price? Did they mention any lighting? I addition to that package, you would need: ATO Heater Lighting Nice things to have: A powerhead for additional circulation - 30l is a long tank upgraded return pump IM Spinstreams.
  6. Internal overflow box filter.

    looks very similar to the saltwater conversion marine-pak for the fluval tanks: http://saltwater-conversion.com/products/marine-pac-3 interesting design
  7. 30 Gallon tank Journey

    Tank looks nice, scape looks cool. What are your dimensions? What sump is that? In my experience, skimmers need static water level. I'm currently tuning mine as well, and if the water lvl changes even a quarter inch, it throws the thing off.
  8. Thanks, I was debating on that one. a lot of people like the sicce brand pumps as well. Another fts with happy open softies and a semi clear sandbed: Still need to mount all of these guys; ORA Green planet ORA Mint Pavona ORA Red planet Red Pocci Another generic brown/gold/green acro Slowly but surely!
  9. One more pretty much only coral+ lights on
  10. Not easily lol. There were a few times when the thoughts "what did I get myself into" and "I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew" we're getting the better of me haha. Stuck withit tho. That glass baffle system was very hard to get off. Went through about 10 razors before finally separating it from the tank. All the livestock has made it through. One Acro definitely showing signs of stress, but everything else looking good. Nitrates increased because I was messing with the sand a lot, but I already changed about 20 gal of water since starting the project to combat it. Couple things to note: - still need to clean up the seams more from the baffle system, and take off 2 more pieces of glass where the media baskets used to rest - having some issues getting the MAME overflow running properly. I'm trying multiple different pumps with varying GPH - trying to use something I have rather than purchase new. What pumps are you guys using? - skimmer is still breaking in. Hoping to see some skimmate soon, going on 3 days so far. Lots of micro bubbles, but I think they are reducing in number. Hope to have some better pics for you guys later. I'm debating mounting all my frags right now to clear my sandbed
  11. Finally had some time today to finish things up. Right now the tank looks like a cloudy mess due to having to rescape, so I'll just leave this here for now: Specs: 24x12x14 Diamond series from advanced acrylic Went with black baffles and a black euro brace, dosing line holders and probe holders. I call it stealth sump.
  12. Teaser for you guys Taking this out while tank is running...not a good idea. Outcome so sexy tho.
  13. ConeS CO-1 at the house MAME overflow - arrived and assembled. Neill is a great guy, awesome customer service Advanced Acrylics sump - Ordered, built, on its way, estimated arrival Tuesday. Looks so sexy - custom diamond series Looks like I may need to take Wednesday off work...
  14. Nano Box LED Strips : New Product

    ez mount on to ATI fixture plz!
  15. nice equipment list. Tagging along on this one for sure. Whats ETA on getting everything wet?