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  1. Mr. Microscope

    Roger’s Reboot

    Honestly, it doesn't look half bad as a reef. Sad to see so many SPS go, but the rest looks healthy. Your parents just need to clean the glass is all.
  2. Mr. Microscope

    Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    They're so cute! I love those big eyes.
  3. Mr. Microscope

    Roger’s Reboot

    uh oh...not liking this
  4. Mr. Microscope

    Bloomin' Tank of GeNRosity

    Any plans for swimming things in there? I think I remember seeing something about Caribbean jawfish or a blenny?
  5. Mr. Microscope

    FedEx rant

    Always pick up from FedEx. Never wait for a delivery.
  6. Mr. Microscope

    5 Gallon "Mini-Hawaii" Project

    +1 to aiptasia on the pipe organ. I'd remove the coral from the tank and attempt to pick off the pest anemone with some tweezers. If you fail to get it all, then it will grow back, but then you can simply remove it again. Repeat until it is gone. With luck, the first try will be successful. You'll see the coral open up again once it's no longer getting stung by the nem.
  7. Mr. Microscope

    Arkayology's Rimless 40g

  8. Mr. Microscope

    Roger’s Reboot

    Are your parents running carbon on the tank? Might help to add a few fresh tbsp's too. I'll keep an eye on my inbox.
  9. Mr. Microscope

    Roger’s Reboot

    Numbers look good. Hopefully, it will stabilize from here on out.
  10. Mr. Microscope

    Dr. Felicia's Predator Paradise - Retired

    Congratulations Felicia! So awesome! I was just looking at your Nature Communications paper. Nice work! Where's your next position? Are you doing a post-doc or fellowship somewhere?
  11. Mr. Microscope

    My Avatar Floating City Aquascape

    to Nano-Reef! Fun aquascape! For photos, most people use a photo hosting site like photobucket. You upload your pics to it and then embed the link into your thread.
  12. Probably diatoms. With dinos there's usually air bubbles that accompany them.
  13. Mr. Microscope

    Roger’s Reboot

    Have your parents taken any pics of the carnage? Did they do any water changes for you? What about those nems? I really really hope those didn't die and pollute the tank!
  14. Mr. Microscope

    Mr. Microscope's Cube 2.1

    Here's some awesome paintings to entertain you while you await a diagnosis. One of my favorite artists at the moment (by moment, I mean last five years). http://simonstalenhag.tumblr.com/post/139104624577/when-i-met-the-worst-javelin-thrower-on-the-street
  15. Mr. Microscope

    Mr. Microscope's Cube 2.1

    Hmm...I just dipped. No AEFW's. The only thing I found in the water was some very very tiny black dots. I collected them in a tube and I'll take a look at them tomorrow with some proper magnification.