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  1. Like the title says looking for a 24" ATI or Tek 6 bulb T5HO In good working condition. Let me know if you have one or have seen one forsale recently. Thank you
  2. Intank nuvo 30/38 refugium, jbj light, and floss holder Like brand new asking 70 shipped for everything
  3. Dizzle21


    nice favia!
  4. ok? im just saying it wasnt on the homepage earlier and i typed in the "phonebooth tank in the search engine. nuthen came up.
  5. I did a search and no other thread came up
  6. Dizzle21

    My new fish

    beautiful picture, very vivid
  7. But cichlids love it?...
  8. "These 2 corals are called flowerpots there going to expand and get big!"
  9. yup is a slightly receded galaxia coral. like splinter said move it far away it will have up to 6" sweeper tentacles at that size that will sting corals
  10. Dizzle21


    let the Gsp take over!!!
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