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  1. Awesome dive video from Fiji

    Thanks for sharing. Easy way to burn 5 minutes while on a conference call at work. Makes me wish i was back n the Cayman Islands right now.
  2. Hairline Crack, $H^&

    Well.... Shes holding strong, I'll let run a few days then continue building it out. Only a few more trips to Lowes, I hope
  3. Not sure of about a DIY led w/ super gul, But I had R2 solutions moonlights that would fall into my tank ever now and again. Nothing was ever hurt or damaged... Just a ease at mind GL
  4. Hairline Crack, $H^&

    Man I hope not, Just got the thing like two weeks ago and only filled twice Ok, I got silicone and gummed it up real nice on both sides, sealed the bulkhead back together and covered their edges in silicone just cause. Looks sad but so does a cracked tank. Its 1.5'' split on the bottom panel, Straight cut from the closest point of the hole to the edge of the tank, which butts to the side wall. really has nowhere to expand expect sideways?
  5. Hairline Crack, $H^&

    Soooo... I drilled a new Mr Aqua 25 gallon, Three holes for herbie overflow and return. All three drilled successfully and tested over a few hours. I drained the tank and went to bed. This morning to my disappointment, There is a hairline crack >2'' long from one hole to the side of the tank. Keep in mind this will be within the overflow box once completed. Unsure of depth or if its leaking since it was the last think i saw before heading to work. Can i get away with siliconing both sides and pray for the best? I really do not want to rip the bottom apart or purchase another tank. Anyone have success with such a minor crack?
  6. Built my own Nano Tank hope you like!

    Props to making your own tank and stand, Looks sick!! I pm'ed you regarding your overflow, Looking for a simlar herbie overflow on a new tank in route. Keep up the brilliant DYI work sir!
  7. Vortech Problem

    I had that same problem on my MP 20, mine would stop working on Reef Crest Mode at low speeds. I had to program whatever setting it was case the wet side and dry side fall apart. Since i did that (Fogot the steps but is in the manual) It has worked perfectly ever since.. Give that a try see if it corrects your issue.
  8. 40 Breeder FTS

    Thanks Dasani... That was the results of removing a Dottyback, every rock removed to catch that ******
  9. 40 Breeder FTS

    Long Time Surfer on NR... First FTS proud to share!! Reef On!!
  10. Need advice for lighting upgrade

    Thanks.. Thats what im talking about.. ill check them out and their reviews..
  11. Need advice for lighting upgrade

    And that might be another reason why im holding off.. my impluse purchasing showing its skin.. The thing is, Iv'e never had Mh before, and they just seem a dull, i think this fixture has seen its better day, Would it be worthwhile to get another ballast?.. I really want to find Mh + T5s i can hang.. but cannot find anything worth while online.. for less then an arm and leg...
  12. Time to update my lighting for good... I have a lightly stocked Mixed Reef 40Breeder.. Iv'e been using a used (6year ol') 2x150w DE Mh with one duel magnetic ballasts and need to update.. Been looking at the ATI Powermodule but not sure which would be best: 6x24'', 4x36'' or 6x36'' etc.. Or maybe a Mh + T5 (Not seen many online), Leds, other cheaper T5s.. Idk Just too many options, any input is greatly appreciated.
  13. Red Zoa shot w/ New Olympus e620

    Received my first DSLR for X-Mas, Such a learning curve from my old P&S. Always looking for feedback / Advised... Have a wonderful New Years everyone!
  14. Changes at ReefCleaners.org :(

    John, I ordered the 50 a few days ago and awaiting its arrival hopefully today , i have a handful of hermits in my tank now. should i remove them and maybe toss into my sump etc.. i don't want them to kill my new additions, or you think everyone will be fine as is?