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  1. Thanks Dasani... That was the results of removing a Dottyback, every rock removed to catch that ******
  2. Long Time Surfer on NR... First FTS proud to share!! Reef On!!
  3. Received my first DSLR for X-Mas, Such a learning curve from my old P&S. Always looking for feedback / Advised... Have a wonderful New Years everyone!
  4. 5 Month old 40B with new addition... Lovin it thus far!
  5. Thanks all.. and for the Vortech.. on the wish list, dont think i can get away with a another $300 purchase at the moment, well not for another month or so.. hehe
  6. Thanks and Lol, Dont stress its nailed and screwed. does look hazardous tho.. but only a temp! should be hung tomorrow
  7. Thanks Guys! PSL-90 got it used at a great price.. came with a few month old 20Ks. maybe go with 14K when i replace..
  8. Newly added 2 x 150 DE MH, Very impressed with the outcome thus far!! Still need to hang, last but not least.. Finally cycles complete and ready to stock after months of planning and building..