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  1. bump also if interested I have a JBJ nano chiller that will be included. It does not work. I do not know what is wrong with it. It just shut off one day. Maybe it is an easy fix. i do not know.
  2. am selling a 28G nanocube with stand. It is the HQI version(150watt Metal Halide light. It has moon lights and added actinic lights for dusk/dawn and add color to your corals. Upgraded pumps in the back of the tank (maxi jets) and wavemaker . I am selling basically everything you need to get started. I no longer have the time to keep an aquarium. If you have questions or want to see pictures of something specific email me. I am asking $350 or B/O I am located in Hamilton Central NJ outside of Trenton. Included: A bag of unused argonite sand that has enough to cover the bottom, a almost full bucket of Salt Should be enough for at least 6 months NeoMarine brand JBJ basic skimmer that came with the tank jbj Refractometer heater timers and surgeprotectors a rear light for Cheato All the basic test kits you need and a few extra various reef supplements glass scrapers random aquarium accessories
  3. I am breaking down my tank. I just do not have the time or desire to do this anymore. I can ship everything but the tank. The buyer would pay the shipping. Most Items I have an aproximate age for and most are about a year old. Aqua Max HOB-1 12 months old. I trimmed the upper elbow a bit to get more clerance when opeing the tank lid. I am included plenty of extra elbows and some other parts to make it stock or whatever you want 125$ Vortech MP10ES about a year and a half. Build date. May 4, 2011. 175$ SOLD JBJ ATO I think this is about 2 years old. 40$ SOLD SpectraPure Maxcap 90gph TDS 175$ 11 months old. I used this very little only to make 7 gallons at a time for my tank and I was not doing many water changes.I have a faucet and garden hose attachment I am also selling my tank It is a JBJ 28g Nano HQI with nanotuners actinic lights installed for dusk/dawn and for better color. It has the stand and many extras. I have new argonite sand enough for you to make the bed, salt, hoses, test kits, water jugs, heater, refractometer, jbj skimmer, etc.... $350. This is pick up only if interested. I am located in Central New Jersey. PM me if you are interested and we can schedule something or I can get some pictures if you have serious interest. marcus
  4. Bump! I am now looking if I can sell the clam and Pink watchman bogy together for $50.
  5. It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure they are Ocellaris Clowns.
  6. I am selling the livestock in my tank. I have a Crocea Clam That is atleast 3 inches and has lived in the tank for two years. It is not currently attached to a rock, so you will be able to place it where you want it. I also have a pair of Clowns. I have never had an anemone for them to host, but they have hosted over anemone like corals in the tank, so I believe the would host and a Pink Watchman Goby. I am taking down my tank and I need to find good homes for them. There is also a small Acan frag green and orange and a few mushrooms in the tank. I can throw in if you want to take everything. Pick up only. I am working on getting some pictures up. I will have them up ASAP. Crocea Clam Purple color and a Pink Watchman Goby $ 50 Clown fish pair gone
  7. JBJ chiller broken

    It's out of warranty.
  8. JBJ chiller broken

    I had a heater malfunction last week and it cooked the tank. The temps got up to 96. I'm sure the chiller put up the good fight for a while, but it looks like it gave up. The compressor still runs it is really loud now, but it does not cool the tank. unplugged it for a few days to see if it helped. I backflushed it and cleaned the air filter. It still does not work. I called JBJ and they do repair them. I would pay to ship it there they tell me whats wrong and how much and shipping costs back. Has anyone had a chiller repaired? They are not cheap, but I am wondering if for what the repairs might cost I should look for a new one. Or maybe if anyone has had anything like this happen do you have any idea what might be broken? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  9. My tank got me sick

    Yeah, Usually I'm all for just thinking its something going around, but I just can't see how twice I get the same exact reaction while doing pretty much the same thing months apart. Also, my coworker might not be the best resource, lol. I don't know for sure it was those palys, but I'm thinking something tank related had to do it. I rarely get sick like this. I just think I will be more cautious.