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  1. I pick up some new frags from the last wwc sale and just got them yesterday. One of the ric frags has some reddish pedal looking growth on it. Any idea what it is?
  2. Just finished working on some videos from my recent trip to french polynesia and I thought some of you may enjoy. We visited tahiti, moorea, tahaa and bora bora. The marine life in this area was amazing. The snorkeling was so great that I only went on 5 scuba dives. Even the hotels in the area went out of their way for coral propagation. Taha'a had something called "bio-rock" which were metal structures with a low voltage ran through them to promote calcium deposition. Enjoy. taha'a coral garden taha'a bio rock moorea snorkel moorea dive Bora Bora snorkel/dive Taha'a time lapses
  3. It is a mixed tank of mainly softies. Zoas, mushrooms, ricodoreas and a leather. I also have a frogspawn and a few acans. The nitrate tests 0 on both red sea and ATI
  4. Will try to get some pictures later. It’s a 3ft long, shallow tank with one mp10 on each end in antisync mode, usually running reef crest. just turned the auto feeder to 2x a day for now and will try 3x a day in a few weeks. I have only used chemipure blue for chemical filtration in this tank. I have an an aluminum window frame rimless tank cover that i closely inspected today and noticed a few areas bubbling up under the paint. Could moisture be getting on that aluminum and possibly contaminating the tank? I know lots of people use those as rimless covers and haven’t really read of many problems with them. what tear kit do you guys recommend do KH? I have salifert, but if the Ca was that far off it makes me wonder if my KH is also off. It has been running stable at 8-8.3 salifert.
  5. Thanks for the replies. For flow I have 2 mp10s. I have 3 fish. A clown, yellow goby and a neon pseudochromis. Also a pistol shrimp and various snails. for feeding a have an auto feeder feeding NLS pellets once a day and then I also try to feed a frozen reef frenzy once a day. Once a week i feed mysis to coral and the fish. I also recently started using aqua forest Ricco food once a week
  6. I decided to send a triton test a few weeks ago because my coral in my tank are not thriving. No fish or coral deaths, but not much growth. I have a 34 gallon tank with sump. nanobox quad light. I runner a skimmer and chemipure blue. My phos has always been around 0.03 on red sea and Nitrate always 0. Since my nitrates have been zero i have decreased my water change frequency to about once a month. My nitrates still test 0, but now i think that is why some of the trace elements are low on triton. My Ca has been stable at 440 by salifert but 397 on triton. Other big issues I saw was for some reason my Aluminum is high, silicon very high and iodine very low. My first steps I have taken is ordering new spectrapure replacements for my RODI. My water tests 0 TDS, but i have read you can still have silicon from 0 tds water. What other suggestions do you guys have from my triton? Should I start dosing 2 part based on triton and maybe aim for a 470 on salifert? https://www.triton-lab.de/en/showroom/aquarium/auswertung-b/icp-oes/56188/
  7. i applied the mixed reef preset today and i think it has the channels wrong. I have a quad, which doesn't have moonlights, but now my bluefish settings have a channel labeled moonlight. is there a different preset i should be using?
  8. What water depth are the presets tuned to? I have a quad on a shallow tank (36x18x12) and have only been running them at a max of 30%.
  9. yea exactly, just filter floss so i dont have to clean socks anymore
  10. Anyone ever try using a hydroponic cup for a media basket to replace filter socks? I was thinking of trying something like: https://growershouse.com/hercules-gro-pro-root-master-pots I know BRS sells something similar (https://www.marinedepot.com/Filter_Media_Cup_and_Adapter_Kit_Mechanical_Filter_Media-Filter_Media_Cup_Rimer_Rimer_Machine_Shop_LLC-6V587521-FIFMME-vi.html) but they only make a 4" and I need a 7" Any thoughts?
  11. Anyone have one they are willing to sell?
  12. I was just getting ready to order an aquamaxx coneS CO-1 skimmer and saw in the manual that recommended water depth is 8-10". I have an eshopps RS-100 sump that has ~ 7.5" water level in skimmer area. Would this skimmer work at that water depth? Or should I just buy a reef octopus 110 SSS which is around the same price/size and recommends 7-8" of water?
  13. I rolled it around and shook it up pretty good before the batch. I removed around 1/4 of the salt from the bucket and rolled it/shook it again and made a new batch. Slightly better at 7.7 420 1200. Still at the low end of advertised, but better. Guess I can just add Mag to each batch
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