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  1. matth6761

    Matt's 20 Gallon

    Time certainly has flown! New house. New kid. The twenty gallon collapsed under the demands of the large amount of livestock and lack of up-keep, and was unceremoniously hoisted into the trash around the end of 2013, just before we moved into our dream house in the country. Feeling ready to start a fresh new reefing adventure with my helper! Supplies for the new 40 gallon arrive tomorrow! Stay tuned!
  2. matth6761

    Matt's 20 Gallon

    I have my skimmer on 24/7. I used this forum as a guide for modifying my AC 110 filter into a fuge. I didn't bother with the foam baffle though, as I wanted to put the heater in the fuge to tidy up the main tank. I kept one Koralia powerhead in the tank for a while after I installed the MP10, just to help direct flow in the tank. I did recently remove it, however, but I've yet to notice any changes in the livestock.
  3. matth6761

    Matt's 20 Gallon

    Sad day. My chromis, which I've had for almost 3 years, went tile surfing last night. This is the last picture I took of him: It was the only fish that survived my Biocube and the fish that I'd had the longest. He will be missed. The tank is doing well, however:
  4. matth6761


    Me three!
  5. matth6761

    Oceanic salt = junk ?

    I've been using Reef Crystals for the past 2 years and I've been happy with it.
  6. matth6761

    LPS Coral Growth Deficiency Investigation. NEED YOUR HELP!

    Eeek. What's your alkalinity level?
  7. matth6761

    To much flow?

    +1. Too much flow can possibly damage the hammer's tissues and make it slime.
  8. matth6761

    Stylophora Pistillata

    Check out my thread here.
  9. matth6761

    Tyree Ponape Birdsnest

    Check out my thread here.
  10. matth6761

    FTS - 4/3/12

    Just popped in a couple of ATI Coral Plus bulbs. They're all sorts of awesome. Check out my thread!
  11. matth6761


    That's a crazy awesome damsel! Nice shot!
  12. matth6761

    Matt's 20 Gallon

    Just replaced my Aquablue Specials with ATI Coral Plus bulbs and I'm in love. They're plenty bright, yet they have a perfect amount of blue in them. They go great with a Blue Plus and an actinic bulb in my 4-light fixture. Very pleasing to the eye. Can't wait to see how the coral responds to them.
  13. matth6761

    April 2012 Reef Profile - Marc3Lo19

    The colors! I love it. Great job.
  14. matth6761


    The colors! I love it. Great job.
  15. matth6761

    Feeding Schedule

    Sounds perfect.