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  1. April update: Spring is here! Things are progressing nicely. Coraline is beginning to spread across on the rocks, but not on the glass or anywhere else, interestingly. Coloration of the SPS damaged during the power outage is finally beginning to improve.
  2. Just a quick video of the reaction of Trachyphyllia geoffroyi when the Kessil AP700 turns on.
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    Tank Setup

    Very happy with how the light looks and the power it provides. Can't beat that shimmer. The mounts are well built and very sturdy. The app-controlled built in timer is a little quirky tho. Sometimes the light forgets to turn itself back on if power to it is disrupted, or occasionally turning off for 2-3 seconds randomly during the day. Other than that, it's a pretty solid light.
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    Tank Setup

    Kessil AP700 over 40 gallon breeder
  5. Mid March photo session...
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