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  4. February update: So, I've decided to remove my sand and go bare-bottom! With each water change over the past month, I've siphoned out a small amount of sand. I really like the look. Also, I've discovered that my DSLR sensor hates my LEDs.
  5. January update! Things are coming along nicely in the New Year! I'm very grateful for my local fish store's awesome selection of corals! I've recently added a DaVinci clownfish, and a six-line wrasse and they seem to be getting along well. I've also started adding kalk to my ATO.
  6. That light should be good for most softies, a few LPS if you're willing to do more frequent water changes. Might struggle with sps. Your setup sounds good so far tho. Welcome to reefing! 😀 Learn as much as you can and have fun!
  7. December update. Hoping everyone is having a great holiday season. So far, I'm loving the new equipment. Kessil AP700 is awesome. Ultimately settled on this light because of the pleasing rainbowless shimmer, can't beat it. The Maxspect Gyres are great. I've got them set on an anti-synchronized alternating gyre on a 2 minute cycle. I know 2 powerheads may seem like a bit overkill for a 40 gallon, but I purchased them with a future tank upgrade in mind. Besides, only one unit runs at a time and they're only turned up to %20, anything stronger blows sand. The ApexEL is my favorite of the upgrades. It allows me to know every detail about my reef, from a constant pH chart to how much power each light and pump uses. And I can access this information instantly from anywhere in the world. Yeah, it was pricey, but the peace of mind I have now is priceless. The frags I've been introducing have responded well and everything is just plugging along. The red cap is beginning to encrust on it's rock and I'm seeing some growth on the stylo. So far so good.
  8. Lesson learned; Calibrate your pocket refractometer when you get it. Should you fail to do so, and trust the factory (un)calibration, you may end up with a severely unhealthy level of salt it the reef, and you'll kill things. I thought something was a bit off right after I added the first corals. The zoas closed up and quickly died, the montipora bleached and lost tissue and the echinata looked to be doing very poorly as well. Borrowed some calibration fluid and once I got my refractometer dialed in, I found that I had my salinity WAY to high. Did a %100 water change with the proper concentration of salt and things are doing significantly better. The echinata bounced back and now seems relatively unharmed. The monti has a couple polyps that didn't die, so i placed it in a high flow area and we'll see how things go. I'm surprised most of the hermit crabs lived. Now that everything's corrected and stabilized, I've been hemorrhaging money at my LFS NorCal Corals. BTW, I'm totally loving the blue of the ATI blue+ bulbs .
  9. Well we're all cycled, stabilized and ready for critters. Threw in a few cheap frags to see how they do. Did a little custom acrylic work to hold the light fixture. Looks much more elegant than zippies and wooden dowels.
  10. I cut up one of these tiles to my skimmer's footprint and it significantly increased the quiet. Just the sound of bubbles churning.
  11. This led bulb advertised at 24 watts nearly doubled the size of a wad of chaeto in less than two weeks. The 10 watt ring light provided a laughable amount of light and was removed/repurposed and replaced with the larger bulb. Even though it puts off very little heat, I've found that the larger LED bulb/fixture provides enough light to bleach the chaeto if placed directly above it. Very impressed with the algae growth when indirectly lit. Not a spec of algae growth in the main display however, despite a 5 hour photo period while cycling with a few purple T5 bulbs (hoping to encourage coraline growth). So far, I recommend. Been monitoring ammonia, hoping to add first inhabitants soon!