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  1. Sailfish

    Sailfish in a 24G Nano Cube!

    I hear R2R is pretty nice too Do you have a tank thread there? Link? I hope to see you check in here too, from time to time You are very welcome! Always happy to help
  2. Sailfish

    Sailfish in a 24G Nano Cube!

    So nice to hear from you, and what great news! Yeah, RowaPhos/GFO+water changes+decreased light makes for a great algae killing combo! Algae wars seems to be one of the absolute biggest reason for people leaving this wonderful hobby. I'm glad you are getting things under control. Also, seeing as this was your first post on this forum, let me welcome you into a group of extremely positive and helpful group of enthusiasts I believe more supportive fellow hobbyists do not exist I hope that you'll hang around for a while. Get a feel for the place
  3. Sailfish

    Sailfish in a 24G Nano Cube!

    Quick Update As you can see in the video I posted earlier, I was recently starting to have a small outbreak of diatoms and cyano. Nitrates were reading at undetectable levels (probably why I was not seeing any green hair algae), while phosphorus were reading 0-8 ppb (= 0-0.02 ppm phosphates). Added 50mL RowaPhos and 50mL Fauna Marin Carb L (long acting activated carbon) in media reactors -> 2 weeks later: diatoms and cyano was still present, but not more then what I started with. Added another 50mL RowaPhos and 50mL Fauna Marin Carb L (long-acting activated carbon) -> 1 week later: diatoms and cyano are starting to disappear, with only 20-30% left at this moment. Anybody that would like to fill me in more about RowaPhos vs. GFO and how Rowa is supposed to not leech back any phosphate? Isn't saturated media just non-active media?
  4. Wow, guys! You did it again! Personally, I just switched from the old Salifert nitrate test kit to the Red Sea Nitrate Pro test kit, and I really don't find the procedure that complicated. The Hanna Calcium Checker is the most complicated test that I'm using, atm BRS Investigates, together with the BRS 52 Weeks of Reefing, comprise the best of the best of reefing information, on the internet. Beginner to advanced Keep reefing, guys and gals!
  5. Sailfish

    Multi-LED chips for pico tanks/jars?

    Waaay to expensive for that light (<1W/LED)
  6. Sailfish

    Multi-LED chips for pico tanks/jars?

    Damn, Hoerczy! Now we're talking: https://blueacro.com/acrostar/
  7. Sailfish

    Multi-LED chips for pico tanks/jars?

    The Kessil A80 is very nice, but it is surfing in the similar price range of the Lumia 5.2. Maybe a bit cheaper when you add the cost of drivers, controller, power supply etc. to the Lumia, but still quite steep for a budget pico setup
  8. Hey, what's going on? I have been using the Lumia 5.2, over my 24G Reef Cube since Christmas, and overall happy with it. Now, I'm looking for lighting options to set up a small softy/LPS reef Jar, without much luck. The Lumia 5.2 fits over a pico, but $108.00 for only the LED chip is slight overkill for a tiny pico, don't you agree? What do you guys think of this LED chip: http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Channel-Cree-Epileds-Royal-Blue-UV-Cyan-Cool-Warm-White-20-Beads-Multichip-LED-/371609049238?hash=item5685a01896:g:WxgAAOSw~oFXHZls "channel 1: 5x royal blue (450nm) DC Forward Voltage (VF): 15VDC Forward Current (IF): 350-1000MA channel 2: 2x true white (5000k) + 1x cool white (10,000k) + 2x warm white (3000k) DC Forward Voltage (VF): 15VDC Forward Current (IF): 350-1000MA channel 3: 2x blue (465nm) + 1 cool white (10,000k) + 2 cyan (490nm) DC Forward Voltage (VF): 15VDC Forward Current (IF): 350-600MA channel 4: 5x violet (420nm)--Epileds DC Forward Voltage (VF): 15VDC Forward Current (IF): 350-600MA" Any other good and controllable options out there, for picos?
  9. Sailfish

    Sailfish in a 24G Nano Cube!

    Got to give BRS credit for a surprisingly accurate Alk Calculator! Still, I thought the pH would have increased by now. I dosed the sodium bicarbonate last night. Will increasing my Alk from 152 ppm (8.5 dKH) to 170-179 ppm (9.5-10 dKH), with sodium bicarbonate, increase my tank pH, or do I need to get some sodium carbonate? Found out that one of the caps that follow in the Hanna Phosphorus ULR kit was the reason why I could not close the lid. Did two tests now, one with each cuvette (used the same cap in both tests), and both came out to 8 ppb phosphorus (=0.02 ppm phosphate). These results fit better with the scenario I see in my tank, atm. Although, I do feel like the green algae that is growing on the glass is growing a bit fast for undetectable nitrates and only 0.02 ppm phosphates... I have to scrape the glass two times a day with the magnet, to keep the tank somewhat clear. Maybe my Optiwhite glass makes the new algae growth more apparent? Add 50mL RowaPhos more?
  10. Sailfish

    Sailfish in a 24G Nano Cube!

    Measured my phosphorus with the "Hanna Phosphorus ULR" checker, and was a bit surprised to find the result to have gone from 2 ppb to 24 ppb, since yesterday! I only feed 1/2 cube of frozen food, per day. I noticed that the cuvette I was using did not allow me to fully close the lid of the Hanna checker, but I didn't think it would matter as long as the lip of the receptacle were covered and no external light would enter the checker. When I retested, using the other cuvette, I got the reading of 0 ppb I'm pretty anal about performing all my tests according to the exact instructions that comes with the kits, but still struggling to get consistent results with the Hanna Phosphorus ULR I have been experiencing a diatom/cyano bloom for the last week or so, so I expect there to be some excess nutrients. Using a new Red Sea Nitrate Pro test kit, my nitrates have been testing undetectable 2 times, the last 3 days. Elevated phosphates + low nitrates would be consistent with diatoms and cyano. I will test phosphorus again tomorrow, when both the cuvettes have dried. Added a reactor with 50 mL RowaPhos, 2 days ago, so I hope it will help me starve out the algae. Dosed 2.6g/30.46mL sodium bicarbonate (kH), to raise the alk from 128 ppm (7.15 dKH) -> 152 ppm (8.5 dKH). This was my first time dosing any type of Alk/Ca/Mg supplements!
  11. Sailfish

    Sailfish in a 24G Nano Cube!

    Small YouTube update
  12. Sailfish

    First Saltwater Tank Aquascape

    Loving that last scape, TheBig! Damn, that little cave structure inside the right LR base... Nildilsky, I would kick the tonga piece on the left, and move the remaining scape to the left Why on God's good Earth would you put blue gravel in a reef tank, though?! maybe just me getting old... (I'm 26)
  13. Sailfish

    How to adjust Lumia 5.2 color temperature?

    Aha... Just out of curiosity, are there any changes you would do to the Lumia 5.2, to make it more powerful (PUR) or better colorwise?
  14. Sailfish

    How to adjust Lumia 5.2 color temperature?

    Wow, I did not expect that! ^^ I will try that, right away I totally agree that more light is not always better (maybe almost never better, in the case with high power LEDs). I just find it odd that LEDGroupbuy decided to run channel 2 and channel 3 at 1500mA, while only 700mA for channel 1 and channel 5, if the latter channels are the most important for PUR. Is it because channel 1 and channel 5 have the greater potential of burning corals, and thereby by adding more of the LEDs that those strings contain (since those diodes probably are rated for maximum 700mA) the chance for more of their customers burning corals would be greater?